How To Shoot Time-lapse Photography

October 23, 2008 - By 

Now THIS is visual learning. Check out this great simple tutorial on how to shoot your own time-lapse photography. Nikon users with newer cameras (D700, D300), keep in mind that your camera has the intervalometer built in.

I love how much information is delivered through these types of videos. It may be my short attention span, or my visual attraction to shiny objects, but this video is way more entertaining and informative than this written time-lapse guide from photojojo. Both cover almost identical information, but video is just easier to watch. What do you think? Video or Reading?

  • Video lessons are always better and the result with long shutter speeds were indeed much easier on the eye. By teh way, timelapse functionality is also included in Pentax K20D and most important of all – in Picasa 3.0!

  • I am the opposite. I would much rather read it. This way I can easily skip steps I already know, review anything I am having difficulty with, etc.

    That being said, a good video overview is generally a good jump start, but after I watch the video I want it in writing to go over the specifics.

  • I’m all about video tutorials. The love affair started in learning software through video tutorials, and it’s a great way to learn for almost everything else – including photography.

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