The Future Of Business Cards

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In a world where all of your current, most relevant info is online, why have anything else on your business card except your URL? Bravo to The Post Family for this simple card that was handed out at their launch party.

When your business and your brand is a website, why have more info? Nobody wants to type your email out to send you a message. Put a link on your site. Did your email address change, or do you have a new cell phone number? No need to reprint business cards, just update your site.

This idea of simplicity in branding yourself should be taken further than cards. Take away all of the useless collateral and focus on your website.


  • No more DVDs of your work. They are cumbersome, take a long time to load, and always out of date.
  • No more books with prints of your photographs. You will bring them to a few interviews and then the presentation case will be stuck in the closet.

Your site should be THE place for all of your current information and work. It is always up to date and can be changed to reflect your current taste. I really feel like updating my card now… for the last time.

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  • Great post. In a time where I’m really contemplating investing a considerable amount of time and money into my portfolio site which has been non-existent for too long, you’ve closed the deal for me. You’ve made a very strong point for simplicity when most of us are very guilty of pushing too much stuff at people in too many forms. Thanks for the enlightenment.

  • Word up. I’m ordering up some new business cards as we speak. The only thing I’m wondering is if having a phone number on a card could be used as some kind of differentiator, in the sense that people who had your actual card would have your number. I think the simplicity of the Post Family business card outweighs any other considerations, though. It makes quite a statement.

  • I agree w/ how simple it is and how well it does work. the only thing is that new phones and what not can just take a pic of a bus. card and input all that info in a sec. very cool and easy. I still see your point and agree w/ you.

  • Somebody else does it and gets all the credit for it. Welcome to the story of my life. I’ve had a website only card for five years now.

  • I like the idea of having this one piece of information on the card because of simplicity but do you think this would work for a student like myself? I’m about to graduate in May and will be making cards for my senior show; I’m worried if I don’t put enough info on it, no one would even bother to contact me. I guess if my work impresses them, they’ll check out my site anyways.

  • I like this suggestion. Makes perfect sense, especially the part where you don’t have to change business cards anymore since the data will all be in your website anyway. Also as a fan of minimalist designs i think i’m gonna like it id it’s just like, a simple logo and the website on my business card 🙂

  • Nice content. Thank you for your information.

  • I just redesigned min, I went with a square kind instead of the normal rectangle.

    For $25 I have a thousand tangible copies of my logo and most important info. That is so cheap that it’s always going to be worth it to hand out in case you need to quickly give out your info to a potential contact. The 1¢ that card cost could land you a sweet gig somehow, someday. I think they are always going to be worth it.

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