Visual Learning Part I

October 13, 2008 - By 

I learn by watching. Watching somebody do something is always better then reading for me. I can follow directions and all, but I like knowing the thought process of why people do what they do. There are no mistakes when it’s written down so there is no insight into problem solving. There is only Step 1… Step 2 etc. Good writers can overcome this limitation, but it is hard to do. As we watch people do work and describe the process, we are watching decision making in action.

Not all of us are visual learners. But, I will assume that most designers and photographers are. I struggle to put my ideas down in words. I seem to be able to explain myself in a fun and clear way in person, but my writing seems to hide from the reader the way my brain thinks.

As I proceed with this blog, I wonder if I should do some video posts about what I’m into at the moment? I could fire up the screencast and go through a quick idea or present a technique or problem I’m working on much quicker than trying to organize my thoughts into a written blog post. I always learn more and am more entertained by video, so why not do video to share information?

Your thoughts?

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  • delurking…

    Why don’t you try both (i.e. post in writing and in video) and let your readers decide which format they like best?

  • video posts would be cool… i know when i’m behind the [still] camera my brain and fingers come to the conclusion way faster than i could explain what i’m doing, how, or why. same when riding my bike in and through traffic.

  • I think you should do both, text AND video. Mix them. You know, for when you don’t have time to do a full blown video.

    If you’re willing to do video at all, this seems to me to be a fair ground to stand on.

  • I like the idea, but some users might prefer if it’s on a separate RSS feed. I for one don’t really care, as I will subscribe to both regardless, but it may get you delisted from aggregators like Google Reader that class you as a photoblog.

  • Try both. I also think reading sometimes might be easier than watching a video, for example, if you are reading at work versus watching a video at work. You also don’t need to rewind and have sound on if you are reading a text. But ultimately, the goal one or the other is supposed to serve shall determine which form of expressing yourself you will choose.

  • What did you say? I can’t understand any of it.. come to my home and tell me what you mean .. Ugh.. learning with words..

  • You do great work! Would love to see “behind the curtain” on how you go about your work. Screencasts would be perfect for this method.

  • Of course will be great

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