Daily Beer Special Confusion

November 17, 2008 - By 

What day corresponds with what beer? The placement of the lines make it confusing. Every detail matters people!

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  • Which bar is this at?

  • It was at The Hop Haus in Chicago

  • It made sense to me… 🙁

  • if you start from the top its not so bad, but if it’s Thursday and your thirsty, it’s confusing.

  • I know you bitched about that for 20 min.

  • I think it was designed so that after your first few beers, it all makes a lot more sense. One detail you may not have thought about 😉

  • Yeah, I think this is pretty clear. The beer immediately under the day is the special. There are only 7 beers, so there is only one way this could line up….

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