Extreme Time-lapse: New Michel Gondry Video

November 25, 2008 - By 

This new video by Michel Gondry is a time-lapse, stop-motion nightmare. It looks as though they took one frame for each scene hours apart. Some scenes evolve over the course of many days. What an artistic, technical and logistical achievement. Imagine, getting every detail in the right position for every shot. The coffee mug, the tripod, the previous position of the actors all have to be kept track of with meticulous accuracy to get the smoothest effect. Wow!

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  • Damn, that really is amazing. Very, very cool. He should win some kind of award for that.

  • Are you serious??!! this is crazy…by crazy I mean absolutely fantastic!! thanks for sharing.

  • This idea brilliant and a good job is made of him!

  • If this is made from camera stills, then isn’t it achievable to photoshop the actor in the timelapse stills regardless of day time/night time shots? In other words, run each scene once with the actor, and then capture a times lapse for each scene. Its not like they came back to the locations each day/night and put the actor(s) in the same position (like the blog description suggest)

  • I have seen Michael Gondry’s other 2 famous videos. Come into my world for Kylie and the Chemical Brothers “Star Guitar” video. This one seems fairly simple…he has asked the actors to repeat the same task over 10-20 days and then taken some shots from here and there. I personally think that Star Guitar video is a masterpiece. He matches video to audio.

  • Mindblowing
    This is truly craftmenship..

    “Je n’aime pas la vie d’une star…”

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