HD Video From The Canon EOS 5D MKII

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Canon EOS5DmkII, One night in Beijing. from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

I would love to get my hands on one of these and REALLY test it. I’m particularly interested in the low-light capability and the compression rate of the file format. This video looks pretty good, but it’s hard to judge the details when it’s compressed for web. Does anyone have one on order?

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  • Vincent Laforte stopped by Leo Burnett 2 weeks ago to demo the camera and show it’s awesomeness.

    He said it doesn’t have manual control on aperature light gain, so you need to do exposure locks when you want to shot f2.8 on a sunny day – but hey, it’s a little work to get video like this from a DSLR. http://www.usa.canon.com/dlc/controller?act=GetArticleAct&articleID=2326

    He also mentioned how RED has changed products because it’s based on the same system Canon has in the new 5d mkII. So if you check out REDs homepage, they came out with a DSLR just to be able to compete with the new 5D. Also Speilberg and other directors are looking into the new canons for shooting movies !!!

    Very exciting times 🙂 And keep up the great photos !

  • One more thing – when he previewed all the videos he took, he had to show them off at 1/4 of the final res. He said at full size video capture no mac can play the video at that HiRes. The videos at 1/4 res looked AMAZING. And yes all the night time footage in Laforte’s movie was iso 1600 !!! Sweet as butta

  • full frame is coming to dedicated sub $4k video cams with interchangeable lenses so save some drool for the short term.

  • hey! Great stuff – we’ve been tracking the moving status over at http://planet5d.com – the 5d wiki

  • sorry – meant to add this – the vimeo site has a download function – you can grab the full size download if you want. There are also lots of HD samples available – we’re tracking them on the wiki at http://planet5d.com/mkii_samples – several new ones were found today and there’s a norwegian site with several HDs for download

  • Not me, I can’t even afford an XSi. lame.

    However, a local photog/designer has his on order, http://www.jeradhillphotography.com should have some stuff up soon, or his blog at http://www.jeradhill.com.

  • i thought about pre-ordering one, but finances unfortunately don’t allow it at the moment [i must be spending too much on bikes.] the only feature that really has pull for me is the high ISO. video’s cool, but i don’t have much use for it; i don’t really need more resolution. maybe after it’s been out for a few months…

  • my friend has one were actually goin to be doing a stop motion project tomorrow for my motion techniques class, my project is due next thursday ill put it on vimeo, i hope it comes out good ive been having a huge creative block

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