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November 22, 2008 - By 

I’m looking for a iPhone developer that would be interested in working on some small simple photo-based applications for the iPhone. I have a few apps that are designed and ready to be coded. I have a budget. You will be paid. Please email me your info to thegorilla at Include links to applications or other projects that you have previously worked on.

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  • I have had pretty good luck finding coders on just be sure and put the funds in escrow and hold them until the job is done to your satisfaction. Good Luck.

    Just curious what the apps are? The current apps on the iPhone that are photo related are lacking .

  • if you’re looking for a way to display photos you might want to check out ishowpro..

    it works with slideshowpro’s database… you just put a browser detector in there and redirect it to the iphone version which is completely customizaBLE HTML/CSS BASED.

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