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Welcome to the first of many weekly link digests. Every Sunday, I will post a weeks worth of interesting, inspiring, and creative links that I have come across and found useful.

Make sure to check out my friend Trevor’s weekly link digest at Almost Effortless. His first edition was what inspired me to start these posts.

Iphone GUI Mockup PSD
This iPhone GUI file came in handy having recently been mocking up iPhone Application ideas.

Vintage Photos on your iPhone
We all know the quality of the iPhone isn’t that great. Its plastic lens does not produce a hi-quality image. What it IS good for however, is emulating cheaper cameras. Erik Pettersson’s Apps Vint Green and Vint B&W process your iPhone photos into Lomo style, vignetted and color shifted masterpieces. Perfect solution.

Nate Ripp Design Portfolio
Great illustration and design work from Nate Ripp. His portfolio is a good example of how creatives should display their work. Very simple. One problem though. His website doesn’t allow me to link directly to specific projects. So now, instead of simply posting a link, I have to say “Check out the “Shook One” gorilla in the Design category”. Make Projects Linkable!

Twelve Virtues of Rationality
It’s a little academic, but this article explains how to embrace your ignorance and pursue absolute truth and knowledge. Great read for the forever-curious types.

I love Frankenstyles’ quirky illustration work and his enthusiastic home page slogan, “Open for busy-ness.”

Six Things I wish I knew on My first day at Berkley
Inspiring as HELL! A great speech from Derek Sivers (Creator of CD Baby) about how to get the most out of your learning years. Not just for students or musicians, this video is a must watch for all creative types. Seriously, go grab your coffee and take ten minutes to watch this now.

It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be
Finally, a book that I read this weekend. This inspiring read for creatives and creators is all about how to become successful in a creative field. Topics such as “Don’t Be Afraid To Work With The Best” and “Do Not Put Your Cleverness In Front Of The Communication,” confirm and concisely enforce things that I have been saying for years. Fifty Percent Validation + Fifty Percent Inspiration = 100% Recommendation! Buy it!

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  • Sick post. I’ve read “It’s Not How Good You Are…” cover to cover in a night. And I want to do it again. So many good morsels of feel-good-inspiration, just can’t get enough.

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