Trevor Writes: RSS IS NOT DEAD

November 13, 2008 - By 

Trevor’s solution and response to Tuesday’s Is RSS Dead? by Jason Fried and the subsequent commenter fallout in favor of RSS.

Feedburner tells me I have quite a few RSS readers, but I’m never sure of the accuracy. How many of you are subscribing to the RSS feed? Drop me a comment and let me know if you are an RSS subscriber and your thoughts on how RSS is useful to you. Oh yea, and if you’re not a subscriber, now is the time:)

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  • RSS subscriber, here. Absolutely -love- RSS feeds; compulsively check my Google Reader every 15 minutes or so a day… πŸ˜‰

  • How RSS is useful to me –

    I can get updates on sites that I follow, including frequently-posted-to sites such as Jezebel or the New York Times.

    If I see an article of interest, I can click through to read, or save for when I have more time.

    I find it to be incredibly useful.

    And I clicked through from my Google Reader to get here, so, yes, RSS for the win.

  • I arrived here via the rss feed. I just use google reader to aggregate a bunch of interesting blogs on my google home page. Some of them I keep reading all the time. Some of them I just skip often, those eventually are removed from the list.

    No information overload for me, I find it rather a convenient way to filter…

  • Here is the 10 sec. I have. Count me in. I’m following your feed for quite some month now. I think it has been suggested by Google Reader to me, when I was starting to photograph. Since then I’m looking for any kind of photo and design related information and following RSS-Feeds is so much faster than clicking through bookmarks and time is spare.

    Well, your blog has not been deleted from my feeds, so it must be great πŸ˜‰ Keep up the good work.


  • I’m a subscriber. I found you through reader’s interest groups. I’ve deleted a bunch of Photog. blogs which were not interesting but yours I kept. Keep it up!

    -Mary Tyler

  • I found your site via RSS suggestion from Google Reader, too. I’m subscribed to your RSS. I don’t think it’s dead at all…

  • RSS reader here! I second everything Marc said.


  • I subscribe via RSS–in fact, this is the first time I have ever been to your actual site! Normally, I just look at your photos via Google Reader.

  • I just found you the other day through Google Reader.

  • RSS reader. I think I actually found the site through Google reader….

  • I subscribe via Google Reader and check it often. If a site doesn’t have an RSS feed, I’ll still bookmark it, but I rarely ever go back to see what’s new. I don’t think that RSS ever really caught on with the mainstream public as well as it should have.

  • I’m also Google Reader user reading Your site by RSS πŸ™‚

  • I use RSS. Great tool.

  • I found this site thanks to my Google Reader. I follow it everyday! It keeps me posted on all kind of interesting articles, images, songs, news…. everything!! LOVE IT.

    Not dead at all for me! =)

  • add me to the google reader crowd.

  • Google Reader subscriber. Got your site as a suggestion for my Photography folder. Only times I come to the site is to see your magnificent D700 photos. Keep em coming.

  • RSS!!! Dunno what we’d do w/o it!

  • RSS reader.

    It’s not dead.

  • RSS, via Google reader for me too.

  • Exclusive RSS reader…

    If I didn’t use RSS, I probably not view your posts. Photography has less priority than news, tech and other items I read/digest on a daily basis.

    Keep up the great work, loved your Hawaii stuff…spent two weeks in Kauai in May/June this year and took over 3k shots above ground and about 4k underwater. Cheers!

  • Isnt RSS and Google Reader the same thing?? I found your site through GR’s recommended Feed Bundles (Photography). Enjoyin’ it!

  • I am an RSS reader, I used it a few years ago, stopped and have started again. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but it makes it so much easier to follow multiple blogs.

  • RSS subscriber =)
    Yeah sometimes is overwhelming like when i dont had time to checked for a day or two but is so super useful

  • i looove RSS. It is sooo easier to go through all the new posts on my favorite Blogs!

  • 1 rss

    is it dead? it is the future, isn’t it?

  • RSS & Google Reader is the way to go.

  • I subscribe with Google Reader.

  • *raises hand* Another RSS feed reader, reporting in.

  • subscribed using Google Reader… in fact it was the Google Reader which recommended your site to me.

  • RSS is great, can’t manage without it

  • No way! RSS is by far the most efficient way to learn and expand across so many different sites. And I got here through an RSS link. πŸ˜‰

  • RSS reader here!

  • Google Reader

    If RSS is dead, what replaced it?

  • I’m hooked on RSS, because I can hit mark all as read and come back any time. Plus if I really like it I can go from there to leave a comment. Although I do miss seeing the layout’s on the actual blog sometimes.

  • I use RSS and could never aggregate so much information in a useful fashion without it; at least until something I can’t imagine comes along and does it better.

  • Definitely use the RSS feed! It’s great to have amazing visuals deposited directly into my home page, then easily access the generating site. Mr. Fried is mistaken.

  • I love RSS. It makes it very useful to follow many blogs. I don’t have to wonder when there’s going to be another update to a site…it just lets me know, and its great.

  • I use google reader and follow a lot of blogs…. it’s nice to not have to visit so many blogs to see if they have been updated…. it’s just a nifty time saving way of doing things.

  • I was on and off with RSS feeds, but recently I started using Google Reader and I’ve became RSS addict, I am subscripted to this more and many more, I’ve got more than a 100 subscriptions manly photography, tech and news.

  • I recently added you to my Google Reader, and it’s been great so far!

  • RSS is definitely not dead, otherwise my feed reader would stink like hell by now (or does rss not decompose like we do?)

  • I only read blogs via RSS. Without RSS, I would probably never see your posts.

  • I found this site through Google Reader. In fact, posting this comment is the first time I’ve been to the site. I’ve only seen it through the RSS feed until now.

    RSS is very useful for me. I can put feeds from all sites that interest me into Google Reader, and I can get all the updates for nearly all the information I want to know from one source, instead of hopping around all over the web, hoping I don’t miss a site.

  • I think this is the 4th time I’ve come directly to your site, and this time to comment. RSS here.

  • Love the RSS for blogs and other sites that publish daily or on infrequent schedules. It allows me to follow allot of blogs (like yours) without having to visit the site to find out if a new article has been posted.

    I don’t use RSS for major news sites (Slate, NY Times, SFGate, etc) or for sites that have multiple posts everyday because it overloads my Google Reader and I tend to browse those sites on a regular basis anyways.

  • I read via RSS using google reader, and like others, had never been to the site itself before. RSS is alive and well!

  • This is also my first visit at your page, since I subscribed through the recommended feeds in google reader.
    Rss rocks, it’s the best way to be updated with large amount of information.

  • I read via RSS using Google reader as well. I really enjoy the ease of browsing lots of blogs in that format. Love your photos, btw!

  • RSS subscriber. It’s really the only way I can keep up with things I’m tangentially interested in (i.e., photography). Great job, by the way.

  • i subscribe to the rss. I’m obsessed with Google Reader.

  • Just one more in the crowd who obsessively checks on Google reader.

  • Another Google Reader RSS subscriber. The site represents well, with frequent updates. I’m definitely a fan.

  • Google Reader is my life.

  • Eleanor (undeadgoat) November 13, 2008 at 4:05 pm

    Google Reader follower here as well . . . and just right back at anyone who says RSS is dead, I find it very hard to follow sites that don’t regularly pop up in my feed!

  • Hi,

    I use RSS and I love it. I love all of your posts!!

    And check out my blog too:


  • Hi,

    I also was directed to your site via Google Reader. The Reader has been the biggest change in my internet usage behavior in the past 2 years, and I think that RSS is the absolute bomb! Also, thanks for the great photos, feel free to check out mine.

  • If its not an RSS feed then I don’t read it.

  • Another RSS user here… it’s very doubtful I would follow as many blogs without it. I don’t have the time to frequently check multiple websites. I’m hooked on Google Reader!

  • RSS all the way.

  • Totally use rss to keep up with you. I love my google reader. I feel like I’m able to keep up with so much more that I want to with it. If I leave it open I check it compulsively. I have upwards of 180 feeds at the moment and that normally gets weeded down to only 150 when I stop being interested in following certain blogs.

  • I subscribe to RSS, because I can’t imagine keeping up with any of my favorite blogs otherwise. Google reader has made me so much more aware of what’s going on in the world.

  • RSS feeds via Google Reader give me the ability to experience the same sense of “drinking from the fire hose” I used to feel when I was addicted to Usenet (when Usenet was good).

    RSS agregators provide the ability to check many more sites for updates than I would be able to do manually. I follow, via RSS, 267 feeds, some which update weekly, some daily, some multiple times a day. RSS allows me to forget the update schedule for individual sites, and feeds me the content (or at least teasers to the content) so that I can make a quick determination if I want to read more or skip over it.

    As some one else said, if RSS is dead, what replaced it?

  • RSS subscriber here.

  • RSS subscriber here, too. You mean there’s an HTML version of the greyscalegorilla too? wacky. But then, I also like titles on photos πŸ˜‰

  • I read your blog and many others with Google Reader. It’s the only way I can absorb so much information so quickly! I always click through and make a comment if I feel I have something to say.

  • I found you through the Google Reader and I only see your website through the RSS, so yeah. Don’t leave me!! I love your pictures!! πŸ™‚

  • And another thing… I like the titles on the photos better than ‘Untitled’ or blank. I’m not sure how to describe why, but it’s just the way it is. πŸ™‚

  • i found you through google reader as a recommended photography blog. i love reading blogs and before rss i would have to click on pages to see if they’ve been updated. that was annoying. so before rss, i only regularly read maybe 15 blogs. now i read many. i also use it as a bookmarking tool. i used to favorite sites, but now i subscribe to blogs and organize things i like via folders. by keeping them in my rss instead of a favorite, i’m reminded of a site whenever they post something new.

  • I love RSS! And I am a subscriber to this feed.

  • reading this with the liferea rss reader ( Definitely not dead.

  • I came here via RSS. I stick everything I like reading into Google Reader, and then I can access it anywhere I want, without having to worry about bookmarks. Now, any place that has an article I like, and the rest of the content looks good, I’ll shove into my reader, so I don’t have to worry about checking 50 bookmarks a day, in the hope that the site has new content. This way, new content comes to ME, in a single click visit to a single site (Google Reader).

    PS – the more you can fit into what displays via a person’s RSS reader, the better. I find I skip sites’ articles that don’t say much, or have photos in the article.

  • RSS. google reader. picked up your feed from google’s “photography” feed bundle. i wouldn’t see your photos if not for RSS.

    that said, while i like seeing your photos each day i’m probably not ever going to comment again. RSS isn’t conducive to that but that’s fine by me.

  • Google Reader here as well. I read numerous other photoblogs which don’t have a high frequency of posts. Makes life easier to aggregate all news readings into a central reading area.

  • RSS user. Google Reader user.

  • Google reader is my morning newspaper. Can’t start the day without reading all my feeds, like this one.

  • I too picked up your feed from the suggestions of Google Reader (Photography Bundle).
    While I do look at all of your photos this is my first post/visit to your blog – RSS doesn’t help with building an online community who come to your site and participate IMHO.

  • Just wanted to weigh in here and say that I use RSS for everything.

    If you dont have a feed, I dont regularly look at your stuff.

  • Like many other readers, I use RSS purely to gather together interesting stuff in one place – I use Google reader. This allows me to keep up to date with new postings on sites I deem to be interesting, wherever I am. Sometimes when I wake up early at home, sometimes when I have a few spare minutes at lunch time at work and maybe sometimes when I’m staying at a friends house and there is nothing much going on!

  • Yeah, RSS subscriber here. I’m addicted to RSS. My friends aren’t big users, but I check my feeds every day.

    It’s lovely. I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

  • I am following your blog via RSS. I use it to read boards, blogs and news without missing something in less time πŸ™‚

  • another RSS subscriber here

  • RSS and Google reader here. I like to see what other photographers are doing, so I can improve.

  • I just read stuff out from google reader

  • Yeah, I’m a subscriber via google reader!

  • I think a better thing for one to say is that email subscriptions are dead. I’m always disappointed with these cool sites I find and all they offer is email subscriptions.

  • RSS reader here

  • Subscribed via Google Reader from Belgium

    groetjes !

  • RSS dead! you gotta be joking. It’s a must, keeps on bringing me back here.

  • RSS through Google Reader. I wouldn’t have time to read your site otherwise.

  • I’ve been subscribed for a while, through Google Reader. It’s the only way I seem to remember to check out people’s stuff. Keep up the awesome stuff! πŸ˜€

  • RSS Subscriber here. No easier way to get the latest articles.

  • I use the RSS/Google Reader regularly. Thanks for the pictures

  • Using RSS every day. My memory is too short to remember all the interesting places updated regularly so without RSS I would be lost.

  • RSS suscriber via GoogleReader. Convenient and efficient. Enjoy your work. Keep it up!

  • RSS here, spread it to someone else today due to the fonts post.

  • Google Reader all the way.

  • LOL. I am one of your RSS reader.
    It let me get the updates right away and I won’t miss anything:)

  • I have been reading GSC for about 2 years(maybe a bit longer), I used to view only your photo posts. Now I subscribe via Google reader. RSS is one of my favorite inventions of this decade, it has really revolutionized the way I look at the web.

  • RSS Reader here too, also Google Reader. Wouldn’t really bother with your (or many others) blog without RSS giving me the ability to skim through things quickly.

  • Love Google Reader and use it all the time…

  • I am kind of an RSS junkie. All my favourites are there in Google Reader. I couldn’t keep up without it.

  • Another person who uses RSS – Also via Google Reader.

    Except for certain sites – unless someone provides an RSS feed, I don’t regularly check their content.

    Google Reader would comprise a solid 30-40% of my non-work Internet time.

  • +1 for the RSS subscribers. Took me a while to get my head around the value of RSS, but these days 50% of my interaction with web based content comes via my feed-reader. Simply put, if you want me to check your content regularly, let me subscribe. Without a feed, I’m not likely to head back to a site, however cool it might be. Oh, and contrary to most of the other commenters, I’m flying the flag for Netnewswire…

  • RSS reader here
    this is probably 5th or 10th time i am actually visiting your site
    otherwise its all google reader
    as for the titles on pics
    keep them going
    they are not useless, they give an idea as to what was going on your mind
    even though you thin that your giving random titles

    i like them,.. i try to relate to those titles
    or i come up with my own
    also, its good way to remember the pic by title
    its hard to describe a picture
    “A picture is worth thousand words” they say, right?
    lets try and put a title to these great collection of words, shall we?

    ~$udhi πŸ™‚

  • ….
    in* your mind

    even though you think* that your giving random titles

    or else* i come up with my own

    sorry for the typos and bad grammer
    English is not my first language

    ~$udhi πŸ™‚

  • I too am a RSS subscriber via google. Just thought I would drop a note.

  • RSS Guy who enjoys your site… Cheers

  • I don’t remember life before RSS feeds. My morning ritual is to open my email and then open my reader and the day goes from there.

    And yes I am a long time subscriber, but this is my first comment.

  • Keep the RSS. Es muy fantastico.

  • I read RSS feeds almost exclusively. If a site doesn’t have a feed, it won’t keep my attention for very long.

  • This may be a few days late, but I use RSS nearly every day. There about 40 blogs/websites that I track (yours being one of them – thank you for your BEAUTIFUL images BTW) and I don’t know what I would do without RSS.

  • I read your posts through google reader.

  • You have another RSS’er here. Great shots that are inspiring to other photographers. Enjoy your work!

  • i use RSS.
    when i first started using goggle reader i subsribed to a chunk of about seven photo blogs that they recommended as a “photography bundle” and that’s how a first discovered your site (which has become one of m faves)!

  • as mentioned google reader bundles your site with other photo blogs. probably has gotten you a lot of readers.

  • I use Google Reader to follow you on the RSS feed.


  • I’m an RSS subscriber through google reader

  • If a site does not publish RSS feeds it is very unlikely that I will visit it regularly.

    So yes, I subscribe your RSS feed – I’ve been using Bloglines since the time Google Reader and other Web aggregators didn’t even exist. πŸ™‚

  • Yup I use google reader on RSS. Google reader claims you have over 128 000 subs!

  • where’s the comment button?

  • RSS Google Reader

  • I will never stop using RSS, but I have changed the way I use it. I primarily use it to keep track of photo sites or sites that I love that aren’t updated much.

    What I don’t use it for is newsfeeds or sites that are updated constantly with boring information. I just clean house of those links and move on.

  • RSS here, and this is the first time i visit the website.

  • Found ya by RSS, and went crazy with RSSs via Google Reader (which recently had a lovely cleaner, more user-friendly interface.. :D). I don’t think RSSs are dead at all, if anything it’s on a complete polar opposite for busy techies esp. RSSs and GR are pretty much the most important bit of my life on the PC as it keeps me updated with things quickly and most conveniently, all at the same time. My bookmarks on the other hand, are collecting pcspace-dust.

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