Trevor Writes: RSS IS NOT DEAD

November 13, 2008 - By 

Trevor’s solution and response to Tuesday’s Is RSS Dead? by Jason Fried and the subsequent commenter fallout in favor of RSS.

Feedburner tells me I have quite a few RSS readers, but I’m never sure of the accuracy. How many of you are subscribing to the RSS feed? Drop me a comment and let me know if you are an RSS subscriber and your thoughts on how RSS is useful to you. Oh yea, and if you’re not a subscriber, now is the time:)

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  • I have been reading GSC for about 2 years(maybe a bit longer), I used to view only your photo posts. Now I subscribe via Google reader. RSS is one of my favorite inventions of this decade, it has really revolutionized the way I look at the web.

  • RSS Reader here too, also Google Reader. Wouldn’t really bother with your (or many others) blog without RSS giving me the ability to skim through things quickly.

  • Love Google Reader and use it all the time…

  • I am kind of an RSS junkie. All my favourites are there in Google Reader. I couldn’t keep up without it.

  • Another person who uses RSS – Also via Google Reader.

    Except for certain sites – unless someone provides an RSS feed, I don’t regularly check their content.

    Google Reader would comprise a solid 30-40% of my non-work Internet time.

  • +1 for the RSS subscribers. Took me a while to get my head around the value of RSS, but these days 50% of my interaction with web based content comes via my feed-reader. Simply put, if you want me to check your content regularly, let me subscribe. Without a feed, I’m not likely to head back to a site, however cool it might be. Oh, and contrary to most of the other commenters, I’m flying the flag for Netnewswire…

  • RSS reader here
    this is probably 5th or 10th time i am actually visiting your site
    otherwise its all google reader
    as for the titles on pics
    keep them going
    they are not useless, they give an idea as to what was going on your mind
    even though you thin that your giving random titles

    i like them,.. i try to relate to those titles
    or i come up with my own
    also, its good way to remember the pic by title
    its hard to describe a picture
    “A picture is worth thousand words” they say, right?
    lets try and put a title to these great collection of words, shall we?

    ~$udhi πŸ™‚

  • ….
    in* your mind

    even though you think* that your giving random titles

    or else* i come up with my own

    sorry for the typos and bad grammer
    English is not my first language

    ~$udhi πŸ™‚

  • I too am a RSS subscriber via google. Just thought I would drop a note.

  • RSS Guy who enjoys your site… Cheers

  • I don’t remember life before RSS feeds. My morning ritual is to open my email and then open my reader and the day goes from there.

    And yes I am a long time subscriber, but this is my first comment.

  • Keep the RSS. Es muy fantastico.

  • I read RSS feeds almost exclusively. If a site doesn’t have a feed, it won’t keep my attention for very long.

  • This may be a few days late, but I use RSS nearly every day. There about 40 blogs/websites that I track (yours being one of them – thank you for your BEAUTIFUL images BTW) and I don’t know what I would do without RSS.

  • I read your posts through google reader.

  • You have another RSS’er here. Great shots that are inspiring to other photographers. Enjoy your work!

  • i use RSS.
    when i first started using goggle reader i subsribed to a chunk of about seven photo blogs that they recommended as a “photography bundle” and that’s how a first discovered your site (which has become one of m faves)!

  • as mentioned google reader bundles your site with other photo blogs. probably has gotten you a lot of readers.

  • I use Google Reader to follow you on the RSS feed.


  • I’m an RSS subscriber through google reader

  • If a site does not publish RSS feeds it is very unlikely that I will visit it regularly.

    So yes, I subscribe your RSS feed – I’ve been using Bloglines since the time Google Reader and other Web aggregators didn’t even exist. πŸ™‚

  • Yup I use google reader on RSS. Google reader claims you have over 128 000 subs!

  • where’s the comment button?

  • RSS Google Reader

  • I will never stop using RSS, but I have changed the way I use it. I primarily use it to keep track of photo sites or sites that I love that aren’t updated much.

    What I don’t use it for is newsfeeds or sites that are updated constantly with boring information. I just clean house of those links and move on.

  • RSS here, and this is the first time i visit the website.

  • Found ya by RSS, and went crazy with RSSs via Google Reader (which recently had a lovely cleaner, more user-friendly interface.. :D). I don’t think RSSs are dead at all, if anything it’s on a complete polar opposite for busy techies esp. RSSs and GR are pretty much the most important bit of my life on the PC as it keeps me updated with things quickly and most conveniently, all at the same time. My bookmarks on the other hand, are collecting pcspace-dust.

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