2009: Year of the Gorilla

December 30, 2008 - By 

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Hello there fellow Gorillas: I hope everyone’s holiday was wonderful and relaxing. It was one year ago on a train home for the holidays that I made the plan to start a blog for creatives and creators. I launched it in February 2008. And now, I finally feel like I’m gaining momentum. I have started to post more and I have been growing into my writing style.

So, what’s in store for next year?

  • I am launching a photo based iPhone application in a couple months.
  • Simple online portfolio, Contrast, is in development and coming along quite nicely.
  • The Greyscalegorilla/Coudal Best and Worst contest ends on January 2nd. Show us your worst, we’ll give you our best.
  • Make sure to sign up for the new Greyscale Mail Newsletter. The first one will be coming out soon with details on new contests and ideas for creative projects.
  • Passionate about Creativity? Come hear me talk about “How to be creative and get paid” on January 21st at Columbia.

Thanks for visiting. Happy New Year!

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