Becoming A Creative Professional: Compare Yourself to the Best

December 22, 2008 - By 

Many students come out of school thinking that they are ready for a job, just because their teachers gave them praise. While it’s nice to get praise, let’s face it, being the best in your class or even your school isn’t saying much. Don’t let it get to your head. Compare your work to the BEST. Will your work be as good as something that fifty people worked on or a piece that was made by a professional artist? Probably not. But, by comparing your work to the best, you will be constantly asking new questions and learning new things that will make your work creative work better.

Compare yourself to your peers and prepare to be prematurely comfortable with your talents and become stagnant. It’s only when you compare yourself with the best that you have a chance to BE the best.

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  • do you get paid to do this? .. if so that is very creative of you.

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