Cam Jam: DIY Helmet Camera

December 18, 2008 - By 

Are you excited about the ski/snowboard season coming up? I sure am. Helmet cameras are so cool, but pretty expensive. Want cool footage from your trip, without the cost? Worry no more. Thread the strap of a small digital camera (one that shoots video of course) around your goggles and shove it between your goggles and your helmet for a quick and dirty Helmet Cam. I nicknamed it the “Cam Jam” last year when I used it to make this video in Salt Lake City.

Don’t forget to link your videos if you use the Cam Jam this year.
Click here if you don’t see the videos.

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  • This is the greatest idea EVER. I’m always fumbling with my camera to get shots of my buddies on our ski trips. This January in Jackson Hole – it’s gonna be the CAM JAM all the way!

  • the payoff for me is you laughing at yourself at the end… I know it happened.

  • Ahhh…Cam Jam. I had forgotten all about that. Good times…

  • You are so lovely i am chinese from shanghai , Really really good idea !

  • That is quite the idea. I like it, man. It must be difficult to consistenly remind yourself to not look around and move your kneck too quicky. Very exciting.

  • Interesting idea but you can also use one of the velcro “Flip Action Mount for Flip Ultra and Mino Camcorders” for about $15. They should work on any camera and you can thread them through the top of your helmet. Funny idea though!

  • These devices are helpful even for water sports because some of them are water-proof and even weather-proof. If you are adventurous by nature and are looking for a device that can capture all your memorable moments.

  • Very good blog article. Awesome.

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