Canon Vs Nikon: D700 Vs EOS 5D Mark II

December 29, 2008 - By 

Listed below are some articles comparing the low-light champ (and my favorite camera) Nikon D700 vs the new, long-named, Canon EOS 5D Mark II. The nikon definetly holds it’s own on picture quality and ISO performance. The Canon fights back with incredible resolution and the ability to shoot beautiful HD video. However, the black dot problem disappointed those who were hoping for a Knock out punch, Nikon Killer from Canon.

Here is some more hot Nikon on Canon action.

Post your favorite D700 vs 5D Mark II articles and your favorite camera in the Comments.

  • Wow, as someone who’s been waiting for the 5D Mk 2, I have been contemplating just sucking up my losses and going with Nikon and the D700. These articles will really help the decision making.

  • The Cannon Looks awesome. No doubt. BUT wait till Pentax makes their move 😉

  • Interesting articles for sure. My wife and I are able to live the best of both world’s since she just got her mk2 for Christmas and I’ve had my D700. They’re perfect for what we do and each is suited for the proper person. I’m generally a fast shooter, demand great high ISO quality, and need a quick way to change anything at any moment. She on the other hand, takes her time, properly composes, and truly demands the sharpness and resolution. They should both be awarded the same amount of jelly beans, just for different reasons 🙂

  • since the black dot prob has gone, thats make my 5d more than just my dslr..=)

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