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Fuji 3D Digital Camera

3D photos and video are a small obsession of mine. I tried to strap two D70s together a while ago to get some 3D shots, but the results were inconsistent. I may have to get one of these cameras.

Cursive Buildings: Animated Stereographs

This is my favorite way to display 3D Stereo Photos. 3D red-blue glasses work well for prints, but for web display, this blinking stereo techique requires no extra hardware or glasses to see the effect.

Michael Jackson Captain EO

Watching this Michael Jackson movie in 3D at Epcot in Disney World when I was seven was one of my strongest memories from when I was young. If you haven’t seen it, your in for a treat. Jackson in his heyday.

Make a 3D Video Camera for $75

Has anyone made a DIY 3D video setup. I tried this with two cameras borrowed from school with varied success.

3D Lens Cap

I wonder about the quality of the images though one of these. It seems like a simple design.

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  • There’s a collection of avid 3D photographers in the Yahoo! group photo-3d. There is much discussion about both film and digital 3D. Long and short: We’re not sure the Fuji will be priced low enough to have enough demand to make it sustainable, though we’d love to see it succeed. As for the Loreo 3D lens cap (, the sample shots look pretty good. We’re all waiting for the finished product to be released.

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