Obama Logo Animation: The Secret to His Success?

December 17, 2008 - By 

[qt:http://creamyorange.com/media/obamaBidenWEB2.mov 500 280]
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Now that the election is over and we are less than a month away from our new president in the White House, I’d like to show you what really won Obama the presidency. You may think that it was his powerful presence at the podium or his promise for change that got voters to the polls. But, I’d like to think that it was this end tag that I made for the campaign. This custom logo resolve was Creative Directed by Camm Rolland and Animated by Jason Esser and yours truly. It was featured on most of the campaign web videos and on the Obama Infomercial that aired only one week before the election. The Daily Show even used it at the end of this bit about how Obama can help McCain.

It was an honor to to create animation for such an historic campaign. It was a wonderful experience to see it on air.

Update: Wow, even the Obama hate ads are using it.

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  • Just wanted to let you know that your already-high cool factor just went up exponentially in my book.

    That is all.

  • if i get the idea of the animation is a new dawn (sun shines) for american (red white stripes) coming out from a circle (‘O’) stands for Obama?

  • Hi Nick,

    I recently started up an online video website, called eGuiders.com. One of our writers is doing a story on how After Effects has helped indie online video artists and filmmakers create professional visual effects. His name is Dan Martino . We would love to get a quote from you for his article and also be able to use your iconic animation to illustrate one of the points in his article.

    As a side note, I produced and directed two of the segments for Obama’s 30 minute “infomercial” that aired a week before the election. I just wanted to say that I do think your logo animation captured Obama’s theme of hope and progress beautifully. Congrats!!!

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