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December 16, 2008 - By 

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These posters were in every store window in Ballard Washington. It was a great small town just outside of Seattle. These small towns are disappearing, but you can help. Please think about where you shop as you buy gifts for your loved ones this season. Please drive past Walmart next time you head out and buy local. Especially for gifts. Get them something unique. Your dollar means a lot to your local businesses. Besides, you don’t really wanna go to Walmart anyway.

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  • Not to be nitpicky, but Ballard is actually a neighborhood of Seattle, very much within the city limits, not a separate town.

  • As pointed out above, Ballard is a neighborhood in Seattle. It has retained that “small town” feel because many of the people living there have Scandinavian roots, but it is the new “big thing”, with condos going up everywhere. Even one of the signature businesses, Archie McPhee’s is moving out of the neighborhood to Wallingford next year. I hope the character doesn’t change much, it’s a nice place to go and hang out.

  • Nick.. you are dumb. EVERYONE Knows that Ballard is IN Seattle. Duh.

    But as I said before… bad guy here. WalMart is not not bad for those that need it. people are poor now. walmart can feed you cheap.


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