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December 22, 2008 - By 

I just added and updated some pages on the blog this weekend. Check out the newly cleaned up and linked up About page. I also added some buttons to the bottom of the Photo Blog.

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  • RELINK .hdr to HDRI STUDIO? c4d18

  • nick, I’m not getting reflections on my floor in hdri studio rig for r18.
    I tried it in a couple of scenes….

  • hi gsg,
    please fix hdri studio – reflections on floor.
    thanks a lot !

  • Please TRANSFORM 1.2 fix R18. 🙁

  • Same problem when use Voronoi Fracture of my model and Transform v1.2, when change the mode to cloner, I got the message “Not Cloner Object, change modes”. Is there a newer version of Transform which works with C4D R20 Studio so that it sees the Voronoi Fracture elements?

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