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December 15, 2008 - By 

FourTrack is fun in a car.
“Say My Name” recorded in my car on FourTrack

Seriously, the App is so simple you can use it while driving. I did! The iPhone microphone leaves a lot to be desired, but for fun multitrack beatbox versions of your favorite top forty hit (listen above), it works just fine. Just ignore the road noise and the wrong lyrics:) Plus, the interface is really slick!

iPhone Headphones Control Macbooks

I subconsciously used the pause button on my iPhone headphones as they were plugged into my new Macbook and was surprised when it actually paused my iTunes. The best part is, it works even if your using a different App. Great touch Apple!

12 iPhone Tricks You Might Not Have Known

Great list of tips and shortcuts. “Scroll to Top of Page” and “Save Any Image from Safari” are very useful.

Field Runners is ADDICTIVE

What a great game for short trips on an airplane. It constantly saves your progress, so you can just shut the game down quickly, and pick up where you left off when you have more time.

Don’t forget about my friend Trevor who is doing a more comprehensive weekly digest on his blog.

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  • Awesome FourTrack song 🙂

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