How To Be A Motion Graphic Designer: Bonus Material

January 23, 2009 - By 

Thanks to all of you that came to the Motion Graphics Festival presentation today. Here are some links to articles of mine that should be helpful in the journey to become a Motion Graphic Designer or in any creative field. For those of you not at the show, I will have a filmed version of the presentation up by this weekend.

EDIT: I found out that the video may take a few weeks to post. The festival filmed all the presentations, but I have to wait until they post it before I can show it here. It will be up as soon as available. Thanks.


Here are some of the sites mentioned in the presentation.

  • Great content, great design, great talk.

  • Bummer, I was looking forward to watching your presentation this weekend. Hope you’re able to get it out soon!

  • love this,stuff is fun and lovely .Cool designs

  • hi….guys i’m an employe in a it based compny nd designing for android apps …bt i wana to go in motion graphics like movie or video editing…..

    guys i really dnt know how much time it will take to become a fine artist of this ART, pls help me to guide the way of learn…how cn i learn nd frm where….which softwares’s knowledge must to becom a motion graphic atrist……

    hoping for a quick nd positive response…!!

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