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Be prepared and know your rights when you go out shooting. More than ever, cops and security are suspicious of people with “real” cameras. Print your Photographers Rights out and have it in your camera bag. You will be glad you have it next time something like this happens to you.

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  • this has happened to me as well.
    i love shooting sparse spaces that are industrial looking… and one day when i was shooting just off of elston just north of north… lots of old fire trucks and dump trucks lined up…
    basically the same story… accept i was shooting medium format.
    ultimately i refused to hand over the film… but i did agree to stop shooting.

    though i did go back when the light was better anyways.

  • What happens when the people harassing and detaining you are the police?

  • Great idea, does anyone happen to know if something like this exists for Canadians?

  • Great link, Definitely going to keep a copy of that with me. I had the idea to make a small binder with a basic Model release form in it among other forms that could be helpful for a Photographer.

    This will def get put in there and carried along with my gear.

  • This is very cool. I was wondering what the limitations are in regards to Airports? Last summer I was flying home from Las Vegas and there was a blue screen of death on one of the TSA monitors. When I snapped a photo of the screen a TSA agent immediately confronted me and requested I delete the photo. I refused. I wasn’t detained or threatened, but I was wondering if the TSA has the rights of a military installation?

  • Awesome post! I now have a copy haha. Does anyone know how these rights apply to film makers? Or somewhere I could find something like this for film makers? Thanks! (:

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