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I’m doing some research for my presentation at the Chicago Motion Graphic Festival and for my upcoming project, Contrast. I was wondering how many of my readers have a personal online portfolio. You may be wondering what the heck I mean by “personal online portfolio.” An online portfolio is a website or section of a site that features your best creative work. Photo blogs don’t count.

If you answer yes, I would love to see your site. Please link it in the comments. Thanks for your help.

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  • Nick,

    I’m a 3D artist working my way up in Chicago. You’re a great photographer and inspiration in motion design and effects. DK is awesome and you’ve done a lot of great work for them, keep it up.

  • I´m a returnig visitor for about the last 4 month and always happy about when my rss feed tells me there´s a new post on your blog.
    So here´s my portfoliosite

  • My site is out of date, but it’s still up at http://www.mdoane.com

    I will be updating it soon, and I’m considering going with wordpress instead of all custom html. I’m no web designer, but it seems that it will be easier for me to customize wordpress rather than hacking together some html like I did last time. What’s the ETA for Contrast? Sounds very interesting.

  • My site evolved out of a simple photoblog over the last couple of years and now has both a “gallery” and “projects” section that function as my photography portfolio.


  • Post Production and some mograph stuff. Trying to get more into design (thats why i read your blog)


  • Happy to Share!
    I follow your blog by google reader every day!
    Keep it up!

  • Nice going Nick! Can’t wait for Contrast.

  • I enjoy getting the greyscale rss updates. My site started as something for me to keep my pix organized and before I knew it I had years worth of photos. It’s still for me, but now I have more eyes on the site than I care to know about. Kind of odd, but if you put your stuff on the web what should you expect?

  • Unfortunately I’m closing in on two years without an update. Grad reel. Full time work has ruined me. I need to get crackin on the reel asap.

  • In the recent months I decided to be a stay at home Mom and go back to my photography roots. My portfolio is lacking and I hope to do a MAJOR overhaul on it in the next month or so. Your article about 7 things for an online portfolio has been bookmarked for the overhaul. I’ve actually learned a lot from the photos (and articles) you share with your readers. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  • Yeah, there’s a portfolio – and it’s personal because there’s no ‘company’ – it’s just me. I freelance as a designer and am moving to photography slowly. I have plans for separate websites for logo design [ http://www.aside.in ], artwork and paintings [ http://www.emotionvoid.com ] and photography [ http://www.studioaside.com ] and I’ll move the ‘personal stuff’ to http://www.nainaredhu.com Phew! 🙂

  • http://www.erinsarofsky.com is my “archive” i have had it going forever… and i try to update often. but never often enough.

    i think most people intend to have something going online but they bite off a project thats too big. my advice is to do something that grows with little effort to update it.

    thats why these blog structures work nicely. no muss no fuss.

    good luck with your research.

  • not yet, but i have the domain and stuff.

  • I’m a teacher and photographer trying to turn full time photographer. My site is http://www.lamb-photo.com. I love my site because it’s easy for an html dummy like me to update and keep current.

  • just started mine, so not so many photos up there yet: http://nicodaros.smugmug.com/

    keep up the good work, and good luck with your presentation.

  • I have a clean & simple CSS-based portfolio online: http://www.jamesdudleystudios.com
    I do web design, graphic design, and photography. I use the “lightbox” css/javascript library to accomplish this. It’s easy to implement, and looks real sharp!

    I also follow this blog via google reader. Thanks!

  • I’m a web and UI video game designer who dabbles in photography. If you’re interested check out my portfolio.

  • I am mostly a travel, landscape and nature photographer. I am a retired educator and now pursuing my life long passion for photography with a vengence. I’ve had a couple of shows and sold a few pieces. I am constantly striving to be a better photographer and eventually would love to see my work in a gallery!

  • he! can’t even spell the name of my own site.


    there, that’s better!

  • Nick, I enjoy reading/viewing your posts regularly via RSS.
    My portfolio is here: http://www.nrwiesneski.com
    Peace! And cheers from a fellow ‘Nick’!

  • I’ve been into photography for only about two years now but since I’m a web designer I threw together a portfolio anyway (already in desperate of an update). http://www.mycommon.com/

    I’m about to graduate college and I hope to try my luck with travel photography. I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up.

  • If you click the ‘darkroom’ link on the left side of the page, you’ll see the photos I’m most proud of. Thanks so much for your blog!

  • great site! i’ve been following your blog for a few months now and i always enjoy your tutorials!

    here’s my website if you’d like to check it out: http://www.kamiljk.com

  • recent site uploaded, any comments + feedback wud b ace!!

  • recent site uploaded, any comments + feedback wud b ace!!


  • Newly publisshed exhibiiton work, also nick ur a legend, im hungry for more content, so keep up the ace work!!!!!

  • yes i have a website and shamefully it is flash and made with a wix.com template.

  • My school just shared your link with us and it is great to see your videos and talent. Really great work! I left my website with hope that you can give me some pointers whenever you have time. Thank you and I will be back here more often 🙂

  • Just found your site while surfing for C4D information and tutorials. I want to thank you for taking the time to contribute to our culture (animation/design). While I don’t have any 3D posted on my site yet, I do plan to post up some very soon. Reading your article reconfirms my beliefs about what a portfolio site should be! Here is my site: vietquoctran.com

    Let me know your suggestions when and if you get time to visit! I know, perhaps I should link a PDF of my resume on it too. Cheers.

  • ive got one but it will have a admin name soon .. wish you check it and check my 3D works using 3D max ,, Waiting ur Opinion 😀

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