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Cinema 4D: HDRI Mograph and GI test

February 27, 2009 - By 

Getting to know Cinema 4D a little more today. Just playing around with HDRI, Mograph and Global Illumination. and ended up with this.


GSG Cast: 22.27: Possibly Awesome and LayerTennis

February 27, 2009 - By 

Make Cool Shit: Possibly Awesome

Watch: Layertennis


Best Vintage Game Show Theme Songs

February 26, 2009 - By 

On the inspiration tip: They just don’t write theme songs like this anymore. Whether its the intricately arranged studio bands the hand claps or the Moog synths, these songs were MADE to excite. If you’re feeling down, these tunes are sure to cheer you up for the work day.

Tic Tac Dough: From the hand claps to the oscillated moog lead, this hit won’t quit. Stay for the bridge! Also, Im still looking fore the freaky “thinking music” from this show. Can Anyone find it?
Listen to Tic Tac Dough

$100K Pyramid: Just a classic. Great studio band action in this one. I think I hear a Rhodes in there somewhere too. It gets funky at the end.
Listen to $100K Pyramid

Jokers Wild: 100% Moog craziness on this one. It’s almost identical to the Disneyland Light Parade Theme though.
Listen to Jokers Wild

Card Sharks: The formula? Handclaps + Moog + horn section = Ohhhhhhh Yea!!!
Listen to Card Sharks

The Price Is Right: The Mother of all theme songs. Combine all the usual elements, add in nostalgia points and the fact that the SHOW was awesome too. If I was home sick from school, rest assured, I would be eating soup and watching TPIR!!!! It really makes anyone feel better.
Listen to The Price Is Right

The Price Is Right Hi-speed: What could possible be better than The Original theme? Check out the more danceable fast version and delight at the higher key and racing tempo.
Listen to The Fast Price Is Right


Ring Light Love – Ray Ring Flash Review

February 26, 2009 - By 

The Good:

  • Great effect
  • It looks more natural than a strobe
  • Attention-getting looks
  • Lightweight
  • Makes everyone look hot
  • Robust construction
  • WAY cheaper than a powered ring light.

The Bad:

  • Rubber wedges are awkward to use
  • Doesn’t work well with long lenses

Highly recommended for event and portrait photographers.

Sample Shots:

Shots taken with the Nikon 50mm f/1.4D AF

Shots taken with theNikon 50mm f/1.4D AF

Shots taken with the Nikon 50mm f/1.4D AF

Product Page
Available on Amazon


GSG Cast 02.23: Great Week Ahead and How to “Learn” Design

February 23, 2009 - By 

Last Two Weeks: Rocked

This Week: Even better

Today: Just Posted HUGE Aperture Walkthrough Video

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How to learn Design: It takes a million mistakes and time.


GSG Cast 02.19: After Effects Tutorial Site Overview

February 19, 2009 - By 

Video Copilot



Creative Cow


Total Training


GSG Cast 02.16: Airplane Thinking Time

February 16, 2009 - By 

Feeling: Relaxed and Tired

Thanks: Peter Esko

Idea: Unplug on your next airplane ride. It’s the perfect undistracted “alone time” to get some thinking done.


GSG Cast 0214: Skiing at Alta

February 15, 2009 - By 

Check out: This crazy ski lift

See: Me out of breath from hiking.

Promise: Actual technology related post coming soon.


GSG Cast 02.13: Apple Yeahs and Woes

February 13, 2009 - By 

The Yeas: iPod headphones work on the Macbook. I can use the iPod headphone mic to record GSG Casts!

The Woe: Let me tether my iPhone to my laptop, Apple!

Production note: Don’t press the button and talk at the same time. It makes an awful noise and blocks the dialog.


GSG Cast 02.11: Compare Yourself To The Best

February 11, 2009 - By 

Idea: Compare Yourself To The Best

Website and Challenge: Do Something Cool Everyday

Future: Ask questions you want answered or tutorials you want to see in the comments



GSG Cast Episode 4

February 10, 2009 - By 

Intro: MGFest Presentation and Twitter awesomeness

Setup: Drobo

Comments: Looking down, Podcast excuses and microphone choice

End: Bye!


Presentation: How to Be Creative and GET PAID!

February 9, 2009 - By 

Finally got a copy of my presentation from MGFest 09 about how to get a job as a motion designer. Thanks to FXPHD for filming the event. The presentation is geared towards students trying to get into the industry, but the info is relevant to ALL creatives and creators.

Let me know what you think of the presentation. I am excited to do more presentations soon.