Cinema 4D: HDRI Mograph and GI test

February 27, 2009 - By 

Getting to know Cinema 4D a little more today. Just playing around with HDRI, Mograph and Global Illumination. and ended up with this.

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  • Get to work on your work jerk…

    J (the guy sitting next to you)

  • And by reading my blog you are doing WHAT type of work J?


  • just taking a break from making awesome looking grass… can YOU make awesome looking grass?

  • Thats sick man! I’ve been trying to incorporate Cinema4D in some of my projects, but definatley still a noob at it. Great work, would love a Cast of your workflow of some basic stuff for Mograph

  • Looks great. I have always been meaning to play around with C4D after seeing the cool things that you did with it. Can you show how you did this?

  • Hey that looks great. Where do you go for tutorials on C4D?

  • Thanks guys, Ill do a screencast on this soon.
    The best tutorials are here:

    Basic Stuff:


    Paid: and

    Ill have a full list soon.

  • fxphd vs. Lynda. did you try both? I cancelled my lynda cause I thought the c4d stuff was a little too basic ( and the guy who is teaching makes me want to kill myself :P) . Any more advanced stuff on Fxphd? any idea?


  • FXPHD Wins hands down!

    Yea, the teacher is funny as hell. the Basic “what do all these buttons do” training is solid though.
    Also, 3D Fluff is really good too.


    Probably the best with FXPHD to learn C4D

  • Yeah this is a fun one… although i learned it by doing an online tut and it was sort of annoying how it didnt explain what each thing was doing… just told you how to do. So if you make a tutorial maybe explain a little more in depth (even though you already do a good job of that). THANKS!

  • Cool man I’ll check it out. yeah there’s a lack of lighting/ shading tutorial for c4d. would be cool to know a little more.
    cheers and thx again.

  • C4D can just be a bottomless pit where you spend an eternity testing, adjusting, rendering,over and over again. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. A handy tip is to use large planes with only luminance placed about lights for some great effects.

  • This looks HOT! Did you do the DOF in C4D or PS?

    Interesting tip shinebox!

  • Espenja: The DOF was done in Photoshop with Lens Blur.

    shinebox: Yeah, setting up big softboxes in 3D really works well. Nice tip!

  • Yes, your DOF looks great….

    Do you have a tutorial or any tips on the cinema4D camera settings you used for the DOF? I use C4D and AE Lens Blur as well, but I get strange artifacts sometimes.

    I’ve also used Frischluft – DOF plugin (which works way better) but I don’t have a copy of that at home. I’d like to figure out how to do it the lens blur way since it’s working for you. 🙂

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