GSG Cast 0214: Skiing at Alta

February 15, 2009 - By 

Check out: This crazy ski lift

See: Me out of breath from hiking.

Promise: Actual technology related post coming soon.

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  • What did I just see? It looked like it scooted you up and then you sit?…. insane?

  • Oh yeah.. I know trends come back.. but that Jacket is done and will never come back.. I just bought a great jacket on clearance from Eddie B. , I know you have your REI card.. but if you can find this shell at EB get it .. best value I have ever had.. oh the rest of you.. I know “GSG” so I can write what ever I want.

  • haha well.. yes those conveyors became quite normal at chair lifts around here (AT) over the last few years. prevents softies
    from getting hit “hard” by the chair 😀

  • Where’s the helmet cam? 😛

  • I’m so jealous right now. I haven’t been snowboarding in ages, and I love it so much. Ugh.

  • oh man!
    you were in my city! (well, up little Cottonwood, anyway)

    see you next time around, good man.

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