GSG Cast 02.19: After Effects Tutorial Site Overview

February 19, 2009 - By 

Video Copilot



Creative Cow


Total Training

  • I’m a ‘toots’ type a guy, but being from NJ, apparently we pronouce everything wrong.

    Never knew about FXPHD, thanks for the info!

  • I’ve learned a lot from John Dickinson’s website:
    A couple more are Aharon Rabinowitz’s and Alan Shisko’s blog, although it’s been a while since he’s updated it.

    Nick – I’m somewhat new to your blog, but I’ve noticed you talk a lot about NOT getting locked up with tutorials, and instead creating our own stuff. I refuse to just create a carbon copy from someone’s tutorial, but I continue to struggle with using these techniques to come up with original stuff.

    Any chance you could grab an AE tut from one of these sites, and then show how to expand on it to create some new variations??? I’d love to see what you’re talking about in action…


  • Hey nick. loving the daily casts. it’s cool that you do ’em in the morning. I can eat my cereal while getting my GSG fix. hehe keep it up it’s awesome.

  • I recommend fxPhd highly. I’ve been doing it now for over 2 years.
    The after effects classes are fantastic and you can’t do better than Tim Clapham for C4D.

    They also pointed me to Nick’s site, so they must be good. 😛

  • There is good stuff at too, like more generic things, not that specific tutorials

  • Hi Nick,
    I also love John Dickinsons Tuts on
    He’s a good teacher too, very affable, with some interesting work arounds. A good mix for the intermediate user.

  • Hey you guys should check out my site… I don’t create the tutorials… YET, but I do update everyday with the stuff that gets posted everyday on like 150 different sites…

  • hey nick, that tuts site has helped me in the past…didn’t know about the others. thanks for sharing the links man! keep these coming.

  • Great info on the site. is a great site for beginners.

  • Hey Nick

    I’m just making my appearance to let you know I watch your every cast, so you’ve got at least one loyal reader in Argentina.

    Keep it up. I’d like to see more workflows, especially in Ae.
    Also, keep saying “bye” the way you did today and on previous casts, it’s the actual reason I watch you. Cracks me up.

  • Um, sorry. That comment was intended for todays post, the one about actions in photoshop.

  • Thanks for the other links that I never knew.
    One thing I want to say about the is that it is the most powerful resource for after effects. It has lot of contents that is nessesary for motion graphics. from basic training to advance. lots of free projects, tons of free presets,
    great products, he is very active guy. you get one or two eye catching tutorials every week
    . I think it’s very famous in television industry. I have seen lots of motion graphics
    on many telivision channels like HBO or others have used the videocopilot contents.
    thanks to the peoples like you and andrew kramer.

  • The best C4D training I’ve found is at

    They take you very deep into the program, including cloth systems, advanced rendering, dynamics, thinking particles and expresso. Pretty advanced so if you are just starting out or the book by ann powers is a better staring point.

  • I think your wrong about

    Andrew goes to great depths in explaining his tutorial steps, as to why and how to use presets.

  • check out the the Creative Cow video PodCasts, Ahron Rabinowitz is doing a great job in teaching the basics and other cool stuff, that really helped me pessing time in long journeys

  • Creative Cow podcasts are great, Eran Stern is hilarious and he and Ahron explain things really well.

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