GSG Cast 02.23: Great Week Ahead and How to “Learn” Design

February 23, 2009 - By 

Last Two Weeks: Rocked

This Week: Even better

Today: Just Posted HUGE Aperture Walkthrough Video

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How to learn Design: It takes a million mistakes and time.

  • Sorry the video no longer sxists, says Vimeo. Still very curious about what you have to say about this.

  • And while I posted this message the video went online agian. Strange…

  • Behance is a good website to post work and get feedback.

  • Thanks Joanne. Thats a good idea.

  • Great advice on learning design. A lot of people don’t have mentors available where they work but sites like behance can help with that. I think most people would be intimidated to ask a designer whose work they admire to critique something.

  • Hi Nick, ‘been following you’re site since Motionographer made an article about the conference you gave on “How To Be a Motion Designer” (which btw was pretty wicked).

    Let me introduce myself in a few random-ordered words: british-born, french, freshly graduated from a two year course specialized in post-production (editing/after fx/photoshop…), and now employee in Paris as a “multimedia assistant” which basicly mean that a prepare flame/after fx/pablo neo/final cut pro artists’ work and help them on the technical side of the machines.

    Now… for my request: I’d love to have a sort of feedback on my reel from someone you and/or anybody on this website. (I’ll also post it on Behance ;))

    You can check it out on
    (my site’s sort of under construction at the moment, haven’t got my computer, well actually haven’t got a home at the moment…)

    Thanks for taking the time!
    Keep it going.

  • Major props for making the very important point that learning design isn’t like learning the software. I’m very careful not to ever refer to myself as a “web designer” because people immediately equate that with their friend’s kid who makes websites or something 🙂

    I’d actually love to hear your thoughts on transitioning from print/web to motion design, which is sort of where I find myself now. Enjoyed the watch, keep it up!

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