GSG Cast Episode 1

February 5, 2009 - By 

Intro/Why in the world would I do this?: Merlin Mann Inspired. Most Days

iPhone App Update: Coming Soon Polaroid Blog,

Contrast Update: Working out the details. Yea, Yea… I know…

MGFest Update: Went surprisingly well.

GSG Guest Poster: I’m looking for a few guest posters to post on GSG until I can get back out and shoot. Email me a link.

Song: Sour Milk Sea Youtube Version, MP3
Written by George Harrison. Performed by Jackie Lomax. Featuring Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, and Billy Preston.

Do This Now: Read 43 Folders.

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  • Love the stuff on being creative and taking an idea and doing something with it. Wanted to show you something Im a part of that you may or may not enjoy (hopefully the former). Its a comedy web show about 3 guys trying to get famous on the internet. If youre a nerd or like nerdy things, its for you.

    P.S. if you only watch one of them, watch happy pottermas.

  • Hey!
    MY name is Nick!
    I like Merlin Mann!
    I read your RSS.
    I live in Canada!

    Oh wait, that’s a different photoblog.

    Good stuff. Just remember to keep it short b/c no one is as funny as Merlin and even his are getting long.

  • Great first cast Nick! Yeah 43 Folders is a great site been reading it for years.

  • nice job man, informative and it didn’t drag (to much). I’m still getting use to the idea of this video blogging (vlogging) stuff, but im digging it. Looking forward to the next episode…!!

  • Great job!

    Suggestion: do a desktop tour of your environment also maybe show off that cool room you are in “work area?”


  • Hey bud,

    Good to see you getting up on the Merlin Stuff. Been a fan for quite a while now, and it indeed is always great stuff he’s put out in the past, glad he’s getting back to it, and glad GSG is following suit!

    Don’t worry bout ripping him off, good artists borrow, great artists steal 😀

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