GSG Cast Episode 2

February 6, 2009 - By 

Thanks for the comments: Nick and Gus say “Keep it short”

Bought: A Drobo today. Anybody use one?

Input VS Output: Reading Blogs, Google Reader, even taking photos is a type of input activity. Do some output. Show your work.

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  • The input v output thing really resonates with me. Thanks for articulating what I’ve had a hard time identifying on my own!

  • Uh…Happy Birthday tomorrow. I agree. 6 minutes was ok but 5 is perfect. There are a lot of really great photographers out there whom I am sure have contacted you about doing a guest spot for you. I haven’t had the best material recently but would love to guest for you with shots from Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR if you would like.

    Again, have a wonderful birthday.

  • Dude I’m digging your new video blog. I’m a photography student down here in georgia, and reading your stuff really helps sparking ideas and stuff. I like how your site is kinda directed toward “student” development tools. I do think doing more of a daily photoblog would be awesome for the site. Happy early birthday and keep the cool stuff coming man.


  • Man this input/output stuff is just so true. Very interesting! I’ll try to make the effort and go towards output rather than just storing Gigs of RAW shoots on my hard drive.

    happy birthday btw 😉

    Cheers from France

  • Nick looks like somehow your video 2 and video 1 are the same for me. Checked vimeo and it was the same way.

  • Personally this post has been the most helpful thing I have ever watched so far, thnaks for everything

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