GSG Cast Episode 3

February 9, 2009 - By 

Intro: Birthday Fun

Production Notes: New microphone. Should sound better.

Bought: Screenflow, Vimeo Plus

Video: How to be a motion designer and GET PAID is out.

Thanks: and

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  • Buy one of those things that tack onto your monitor or put your speech notes on screen. Everytime you look down at what you are going to say next is distracting 🙂


    Happy Belated Birthday BTW

  • Diggin the screenflow, makes the video a bit more interesting and engaging (not that it isn’t without it)…

    thought your MGFest presentation was great, lots of great tips and advice…kudos.

    happy belated 29th b-day!!

  • What’s up on getting an iTunes Podcast deal set up. I’d love to be able to check this out on the olde iPhone when I’m out and about.

  • I was just thinking what trevor already said. A podcast would be nice.

  • Ohhh, Podcast. I should try that. Thanks guys.

  • What mic are you using if you don’t mind me askin?
    Thanks, and great site, and work:)
    PS, caught your “get paid” via fxphd, sweet, brought back memories for this older animator:)

  • Hello, great site. What mic are you using? Brand? Model?

  • Thanks very much for share your story with us. Your work is phenomenal, wonderful

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