The Perfect Student Portfolio?

February 3, 2009 - By 

Student, Roman Königshofer, does everything right at his portfolio, Nice energetic and short reel. I really like the way he tiled his shots to fill in the pillars when showing 4×3 work in a wide screen reel. Take note, students. This is how your site should look.

Maybe this can help?

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  • I agree, one of the best motion graphics reel I have seen in a while!…not only does it shows the talent, but the reel expels emotion and feelings especially at the end..Love the music too :o)

  • This is a great post showing a student reel on a professional level. I’m a student of animation, and tho not related to motion graphics, yet i found your suggestions on building reel and approach to work is inspiring! So THANKS!

  • 20 second demo reel title card? Seriously?

    i had to rewind it to actually count it was so long.

    that being said. the dude can do anything he wants it looks, and at a very high level of quality. super clean nice design all around.

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