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March 19, 2009 - By 

You may have been following, but we have been doing these short projects at work as well. For last weeks theme, we typed in the original theme “Five Seconds and Orange” into youtube and the first link was this video from the video game, Portal.

We decided that the theme would be to “Use this Sound” from the youtube video. Here are the results…

  • I like it to make it on music like this!
    Are those project on your work at DK as a training or exercise, or would it show on a festival?

  • OMG the Mike and Mike on is HILARIOUS!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA. Really cool stuff guys. Yours is really tight Nick. I need to get down in some Cinema 4D man. I’m still a rook when it comes to 3d

  • I love that game 🙂

  • This stuff is just for fun. Similar to the 5 Second Projects that I have been doing.

  • this is seriously so FUN!
    i loOVE (lourve, possibly) this audio idea.
    super great.

    i suppose that this will integrate with the 5sec specs in the future…but let’s not count our chickens, eh?

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