GSG Cast: Click That Button – How Following Silly Ideas Can Make You Happy.

March 10, 2009 - By 


Follow: Your Passion

Learn: From Doing, not by Dreaming.

Time: Long, but worth it, I swear. At least jump to the end to see my homemade arcade button mouse!

Click: That Button!!

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  • just gave you 1010 clicks, i’ll give you some more tomorrow. Follow your passion…

  • It’s amazing to click it with my tablet pen, it goes way faster, I just made 184 clicks in less then 15 seconds.

  • There are things that “click” my buttons. My wife and baby boy are two of them.

    A pickle jar… who would have thunk it?

    You rock Nick!

  • Thanks guys!!!!! On to 3 Million!!!!!!!

  • Awesome story Nick and even a more awesome Message!

  • Wow, thanks for the motivation! Love the pickle jar, and the sound it makes!

  • 15 minutes of craziness !!! I’m loving it ! I to get one of those !

  • Just did 3044… and counting… It’s like level grinding in RPGs! Addictive!

  • Awesome. Congratulations on your button thingy.

    I’m only 20 and I’ve got a stable income by freelancing as a web developer, and that’s because during past years I went ahead to build whatever stupid idea crossed my mind… some months ago I built Lyrc, which is a simple ad-free lyrics search, you can check it out at and I’ve got tons of these experiments. They’re the reason I not only have got work, but also work that I love.

    So excelent advise. Learn for yourself by doing little things you like. It will take you far.

  • Awesome! When I started clicking, it was jumping much more than 1 time per click. So many other people clicking at the same time. 120,000 more clicks since your recording!

  • Totally ballin’

  • Haha, you click that button thing reminds me of my school days. We used to do the same things with our calculators. The interesting part however was we had timed runs for everybody to see who reaches a hundred the fastest. Maybe you could incorporate that to the website as well?

  • Nick, that was your best cast so far. It was the most honest and therefore the most compelling. Thanks very much – you’re building a nice little community here.

  • if you’re obsessed with that button, you’re gonna loove these blocks here πŸ™‚ …:

    interface design has become a huge thing, even more with that iPhone hype……no matter if it’s about “silly” buttons (your word nick :)..) or about new ways of interaction…in the end it’s about simplicity. The part with the kids in that video was very interesting….all he said was “make words”….all Nick said was “push that button”….do you get it? πŸ™‚

  • Just posted Clickthatbutton to a bunch of online friends, they are the type that would sit and click all day.

    Here’s to making it to 3 million!

  • Just an idea, why not add a graph to click that button that shows clicks per day for the last two weeks, or a distribution of clicks per user, or where the clicks come from geographically.

    You know, for the type A’s in all of us.

  • Yea david, I was thinking of a pretty stats package that I could put in the bottom of the page. But, All the stats packages are UGLY. Any ideas?

  • I was thinking of something like what woot does, but I imagine that they created that, and didn’t use a package. I know that Google charts has an API that allows you to show the US in gradients according the frequency of traffic. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be of more help, but I’m a total novice at this stuff.

    I am really digging the videocasts though, so please, keep them coming.

  • that was quite hilarious. and even a bit inspiring. i’ve always been dubious of clicking that button, but after hearing your impassioned explanation, i’ll toss a few clicks your way.


  • It is totally amazing what a passion inside can drive you to do, no matter if that passion is something as funny as putting an arcade button in a pickle jar. The point of this story is priceless and I am glad Nick shared it with us. Thanks.

  • It got to 3 Million! Well done to all you clickers out there! πŸ™‚

  • 3 MILLION!!! Thanks everyone!

  • Hi!!! Just made:
    153313 clicks from me… Thank Me

  • You should create an alternate site called “dontclickthatbutton” where it counts down from 3million to see how long it takes to get to zero. And it would let you know people’s willingness to disobey.

  • thank you for this video, 10 minutes into it I was dying of laughter. when you brought out the pickle jar…too much, hysterical. thanks for sharing your passion

  • iPhone app would be cool! Click That Button OnTheGO! πŸ˜€

  • Hi Nick, i think its great!! and great example for do things!! All procese, the idea, the problems, the posible solutions, implementation and the results, i think itΒ΄s a circle process, in that path you learn a lot of stuff that will help you on other proyects to solve.

    Thanks to share your experience and your learn proces, this type of knowledge its much value than your tusts (that are so fucking great shit!).

    Thanks again Nick… my sensei

  • Dude, you should mount that stuff under the desk and put the button flush on your desk. You could tap pencils on it and click it, fingers, etc– the possibilities are endless!

    Totally dig it.

  • Hilarious – got this image of mad little kid tapping on a calculator in the back of a car! AND… keeping note of it!! Oh I’d be so worried if my son starts doing crazy stuff like that!!!

  • I just visited the website on my iPhone (and bookmarked it, duh!). Every time I clicked the number of clicks got updated to the latest number of clicks. Every 3 seconds there were about a 1000 clicks more… That’s insane πŸ˜€
    A lot of people aren’t doing anything productive at this point… Just clicking that button… Crazy πŸ˜€ (That arcade button rocks! Thought about the same thing a few times but then I thought “Nah… People will call me crazy :D” )

  • haha what a classic Idea! Nice work Nick!

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