GSG Cast: Flip Mino HD vs Canon HV10

March 26, 2009 - By 

Super unfair test between a $600 1080 HD HV10 Canon camcorder and the Flip Mino HD. Just wanted to see how my new toy stacked up against my everyday workhorse Canon. It did pretty well I must say. The color was a little washed out, but the video quality holds up pretty well. What do you think? I will have a more detailed review of the Flip Mino HD soon.

In other news:
I will be speaking at the Show ‘n Tell Show this Sunday, March 29th. Be there or be square. I will be recording it so there will be a less fun video-based option for those of you that can’t/won’t make it.

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  • The mino seemed to have a different whitebalance setup, don’t know if it’s adjustable, other than that great quality for such a small thing !
    Happy to hear you’re going to share some event presentations because they always give you a different perspective on how to’s and the bussiness in general.
    Keep it up :p

  • never heard of that “mino” thing…

  • …but it seemes to make a really good picture. At first sight I even thinks it looks better, somehow cleaner than the hv10

  • good cast.. I think it looks pretty great. now wait for some arty guy to make a whole movie w/ one.

    come to Denver .. we can write a something up 😉

    and I like the name min-oh

  • Nick… i gotta ask something totally off tangent. What product do you use in your hair?

  • So if you use the HV10 to shoot your podcasts with, why isn’t it properly white balanced? Just wondering because the picture always looks too warm.

  • Yea Tex, I have so much mixed lighting and shoot at different times of day, so my color can be off. I have to try and set white balance every time. Thanks for the reminder.

  • JR, the product is some weird japaneese stuff. I can’t even pronounce it. It’s the only stuff that can tame the mane. 🙂

  • Awesome. Link? Where do u get it?

  • After watching this I went out and bought a Flip Mino HD and after shooting video of my 17 month old son with it I have to tell you that for $229, it is amazing. I’m going to shoot a promo of our morning crew doing the morning show next week, edit in Premier CS4, and put it on the air. For some reason, television people seem to think that everything has to be done with expensive 500 pound cameras, but I’m about to prove them wrong once again. When I get it finished I’ll post it for you and then you can tell me what you think.


  • OK Nick, I’ve got the promo that I shot with the MINO edited. Where can I send it?

    Looks pretty dang good for a 229.00 camera. Everyone here at the tv station was pretty impressed!

  • any luck with mp4 files it generates? do they work in FCP without having to convert?

  • Brian: You have to convert them to get the files to work in Final Cut. They work great in AE and ScreenFlow though.

  • Worked for me has been really nice sharing

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