GSG Cast: Ideas are Worthless

March 13, 2009 - By 

Chad is my Idea Buddy: Wizard of Smiles

Does he have great ideas? – Yeeeaahh!

But is that all you need? – No!

Do I scratch my nose a lot? – Yes

Post your worthless ideas in the comments.

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  • you, sir, are some kind of sorcerer. and very helpful and inspiring. thank you

  • Awww yeah, the button pushing devince reminded me: I had an old Nintendo that I had been wanting to make use out of (no power cords or controllers or games, mind you). So I took it apart, ripped apart 2 external hard drives (both had some important information that for some reason I didn’t fear losing) and rigged the external drives into the nintendo case. Now I have a 750 gb Nintendo drive. Cool. And I managed to not wreck the drives in the process. Bonus.

  • I’m working on a Visual Essay on Food Waste… its vector graphics in After Effects… but I’m also working on a web 2.0 site to go with it, so people can post how they’re making a difference…

  • ok people..

    1) UPC scan w/ your phone , it goes on the net or to a site made for this that will get you a coupon for that product.. when you go to check out all the UPCs are on the phone and they scan the phone. (I do have no idea how to do this)

    2) “likes this” tshirts nick and I did some mock ups.. t-shirt design is a young mans game.

    3) Cold Fusion .. again I don’t know how to make this.

  • Ok one more..

    Cougar Beat. Play on words.. I was thinking a magazine for older ladies.. or about them.

  • Yeahhhhh! CBG is posting! Keep em coming Chad!

  • a C4D tutorial shoud be great!
    i doing Maya at mine art acedemy,
    but it’s interesting to say who C4D is working!

  • Nice!

    Like this post. Truer words never spoken. This is kind of along the lines of , which you may have seen before. Takes a minute to get into, but the whole rant/analogy about Brain Crack is dead on.

    I know all that stuff about tthe road to success being paved with a million failures, I’m just trying to keep on failing until the right stuff comes out. Hard ideas to embrace, but even harder to deny.

  • I always have ideas for drawings but can never quite get them right…. I’m more of a realist, look-at-something-and-draw-it-perfectly type of person, which makes using the imagination sometimes a bit difficult… actually no, ALWAYS difficult. That’s why I’m working really hard on improving my knowledge of Photoshop.

    I also find that I try to do art based upon subjects I know hardly anything about but that are fascinating nonetheless. It doesn’t really work, but it does push me to learn more about them.

  • reminds me of the saying – knowing and not doing is worse than not knowing at all.

  • If you do go to my site a made a little post for all of you. Enjoy.

  • Who is this Clown Penis?

  • I thought I was an awful writer.. This blockhead is a dolt.

    Nothing “Kool” about Kyle at all.

  • I got my first hater in my comments!! Yay! I hope that means I am doing something right. Unfortunately, I had to delete it because I can’t let derogatory remarks stay on my site. CBG is right… “Nothing “Kool” about Kyle at all.”

  • Two words… POPCORN STRAINER. You pour your popped popcorn in the thing and all of the un-popped kernels fall through the bottom leaving you only the good stuff. Has this been done yet??? Someone said maybe but I haven’t seen it.

  • Nice one Rick! Anyone else seen that before?

  • GOOGLE MAPS + Garage sales = a pretty cool app.

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