Layer Tennis – Walkthrough and Behind the Scenes

March 11, 2009 - By 

Today I go through part of the thought process and techniques we used for Friday’s Layer Tennis. Also, check out the screen capture of my monitors during the event. I tried to capture Anthony’s screen as well, but the software wasn’t cooperative. In fact, the screen capture software gave up on my machine right before the last volley.

Thanks again to everyone involved. I had a blast!

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  • hey nick,

    please put my video in “orange project”

    thanks man and you have a great job.


  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge (and the peek behind the curtain). Would love to see more on the still image sequence.

  • That last one is sweet with the still frame walk through your office. Well done Nick

  • I was certain that you had done that with still shots!!!! I have GOT to get me one of those cameras… that would open up some pretty amazing creative doors outside the 24p that I use now for video.

    THANK YOU for sharing that info with us.

  • Great info / behind the scenes… but why do you have to move the browser every 1.248 seconds or scroll up and down without any purpose… it’s very irritating

  • Yea, Watching myself, I notice all my bad browsing habits. I definitely have to work on that for the casts. Less coffee maybe? Hehe. Thanks for watching!

  • I for one appreciated the teapot, took me back to my experimenting in LightWave days. I really liked your last volley as well, awesome to see how a fairly low tech solution can lend itself to a really cool aesthetic.

  • I can’t lie, I really enjoyed this, but I’m most interested in how you got the trash icon on your desktop.

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