New Five Second Project: Coffee and Triangles

March 13, 2009 - By 

The new “Five Second” project has been announced. The theme for this week is “Coffee and Triangles.” Use this theme to inspire any short motion project. Ever wanted to try a specific technique or even something just crazy? Now is your chance. Upload the final video to Vimeo and post the link here. I will make a channel with all of the entries.

Need an excuse to make cool shit this week? Well, you just found one.

Check out last week’s project, “Five seconds and Orange.”

UPDATE: One day later and there are already quite a few entries. Check out ALL of the videos at the new Vimeo channel or here below.

  • yeahhh five seconds and coffee


  • sweeeeet. Nick, will you be doing one also?

  • Heck yea, I’ll be doing one.

  • Maybe you should do your one and then have a tutorial on how you did it ? Dunno just an idea as I loved your first tutoial showing how you made your 5 seconds in orange.

  • I found your site from the presentation video, I’m in love with the level of motivation and this idea takes the cake. Thank You!

  • Here is my interpretation of the latest inspirational project.

    I am super excited that Nick is extending this project/idea to the rest of us. I plan on trying to build a coffee pot in a triangular shape to dive into 3d more.

  • Hi Nick, it´s great that you´re making this projects. It will help everyone to increase our creativity and skills. Here is my little animation for the project, hope you like it:

    PS: Can we make more than one animation per project?

  • Thanks A3. You can do as many animations as you want. I would love more!

  • Great, I´ll try taking some time this next week to make another one. This projects are going to appear every Friday, right?

  • playing with my camera and tried to work something magical?

  • Yea, A3. Either every week or every OTHER week. I haven’t decided yet. 🙂

  • really digging these projects nick..! great exercises..

  • Hihihihihi!! Funny project, here it goes,

  • All right I can finally upload another HD video on Vimeo.. 😀 Here’s mine :

  • Love the idea of these projects Nick. I’m definitely going to be taking part in more of these to come. I had a great time working on this one and I hope you all like it. Check it out.

  • I put one up at

    Thanks for the project!

  • i posted one up, great project!

  • here it’s mine
    Hope you like it!

  • Here is my Coffee and Triangles Piece. Would love feedback. 🙂

  • Thanks for giving me a reason to get up in the morning. Love the blog; thanks to you I now use Aperture every day.

  • Here’s my five second animation.
    Thanks for the motivation!

  • I accidently put it on private before…Its viewable now

  • Nice blog, thans for the inspiration, here goes mine


    My entry sir!

    Enjoyed making it!!


    Here the new & final version Nick, apologies for the first one I posted.



  • hey guys, where do u guys find those nice bg music? i find it difficult to get them

  • Here is my coffee & triangles:

    sorry for the delay… hope you enjoy 😉

  • Unfortunately, this is my entry.
    God help us all.

  • Here’s mine:

    Had fun with this one!

  • i posted this in the shoutbox and then the wrong video got posted to the channel accidentally so i took it off

    here’s the video

  • Hello there ! I discovered this blog not so long ago, and decided i could submit something =)
    So here it is :

    Cheers !

  • Here is mine…

    These are great Ideas Thanks man.!!!

  • Here is my shot (years late again…).
    I hope you’ll like it.

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