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Saying that photographers need to learn video because their cameras now feature video is like saying that you need to start a rock band because you bought an iMac that ships with Garage Band.

It is entirely possible that you are a still photographer who has no interest in video. That is OK. You know what’s pretty cool? Photography.

The only reason for a photographer to start doing video is an interest in shooting video.


The video mode on these DSLRs is exactly wrong for photojournalists.

But it’s exactly right for filmmakers.

Filmmakers have time to set up a shot. They control their environments. They can try a few different primes before settling on one. They expect to use manual focus. They plan on dual-system sound recording that involves a whole extra person who thinks only about sound. And they are gaga for shallow depth-of-field.

Filmmakers, at all levels from pros to wannabes, are thrilled about video DSLRs. They get it, they want it, and they know how to work around the limitations—if they even think of them as limitations.

Everyone else is scratching their heads wondering if they suddenly need to learn to pull focus, and if photography is dead. They’re so busy hating on the crippled video in the new 500D that they’ve overlooked that it’s a great stills rig at a great price.

Stu Maschwitz

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  • jajajaja

  • I’m going gaga over this camera as well… Or, at least I was until I saw that 1080p only shoots 20fps… I’m not sure if that’s even acceptable for any filmmaker of any level… at least it fires off 30 in 720p though.

    Either way, I agree that this is a HUGE step to follow up the 5DmkII with.

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