Jim on Hiring and Curiosity

April 13, 2009 - By 

We don’t care so much about talent. Were more interested in taste.

There is that old saying that the meek shall inherit the earth. Well, I think that’s crap… I think it will be the curious that will inherit the earth.

– Jim Coudal

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  • Soooooooo…in that case, you hiring?

  • Dude, I swear, I tell this to my people over and over again.

    You can’t teach soul (taste)

    I would rather work with someone who knows what’s dope, and has style then the technical cat who thinks aqua socks are still cool (no offense if you like aqua socks its just an example) but knows how to take the camera apart.

    Now the real job of any good creative director, or leader is to find the marriage between the two.

    This is how miracles happen.

    Nick, your the shit dude.

    I’m real thankful for this resource bro.

  • Hey Nick! Thank you so much for posting that!

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