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April 16, 2009 - By 

It’s been 3 months in the making and 3 months of waiting for Apple approval, but wait no more… ShakeItPhoto is ready for download at the iTunes App store for the low price of 99 cents. Take a photo and shake it like a polaroid to make it develop! I have been having a ton of fun with the app at my Posterous Blog and on Flickr.

I would love to hear what you think of it. A review or two would be helpful too (I love feedback!) We are really excited about this app and can’t wait to hear what you have to say. What are you waiting for?

Take it, Shake it, Share it!
Cheesy tag-line eh?

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  • Congrats!
    I wish I would have an Iphone…

  • realy nice nice work !!!
    ….but the shake of the polaroid is just a myth…

  • got it! comparing it to the ‘polarize’ app for the iphone…great job, congrats man!

  • got it! cool app man!

  • Yeah joins, of course in the real world shaking it doesn’t speed anything up… But, NOW it does. 🙂

    Can’t wait for the comparison Gus! Thanks

  • excellent, i have given up on iphone photos until now that is. i love the look. it would be great if you could view all the shakeit photos from inside the app. that might be asking for to much though. love it nick, i am totally going to use this!

  • Is there a reason the border is even now? Did you have to make it less like a real Polaroid print for legal reasons, or is there some other reason?

  • Yeah, There were some legal hiccups to use the bottom border. We are working on it though. After I grew accustom the square border, I gotta say, I think I prefer it.

  • Fun app! It works as advertised. 🙂

    Only two wishlist items:
    1) Ability to load an image from my library.
    2) More aspect ratios to match various instant films, i.e. spectra, instax, etc.

    Also, odd behavior. If I start the app and then press Cancel, I’m stuck on the blank screen. I have to relaunch the app to get functionality back.

    Anyway, fun app! I’m definitely going to use it!

  • Awesome.

    Maybe some rubbing or blowing on the mic in a future version?

  • Congrats!!! Too bad it took sooooo long 🙂

  • just wondered how could “the gorilla network” look like 🙂 DK->creamyorange->contrast->photoblog->blog->clickthatbutton->shakeitphoto->?
    looks like you never sleep man to set whole media network 🙂

  • Cool idea and I really like the look of the photos!…
    Just one concern…it seems like it’s a battery shrinker though… maybe this can be fixed in a later version?!…

  • We are working on an update right now to try to address some of the issues. Updates will be made soon. We really love listening to users, so keep the great ideas coming. Thanks for all of the support so far!

  • Hehe. Yeah Vit, I never sleep. Plus, I just like to work to much. 🙂

  • Nick's girlfriend April 19, 2009 at 2:57 pm

    It’s true, Vit. He works and works and works and then works some more.

  • Just bought it yesterday and I am having a blast taken pics of kids. One feature I would consider is a way to look at all your pics within the app instead of going out to the library. I think the “blowing on the mic” idea is cool too! Maybe some other color features? Black/White? Sepia? But then it would be a polariod, lol.

    Rock it Campbell, ….Mmmmm Mmmm good!


  • I see, the answer came from the right observer 🙂

  • what with 5 seconds projects, blogs, tutorials and inspiring people to do some stuff and stop being so lazy, when, please tell me do you get the time? you must work 2 minutes from home and sleep never! awsome little app. I’ve just bought a load of old polaroids, sx70s and 1000’s. you could have saved me thousands in old film stock and make my girlfriend and wallet very happy. keep up the good work.

  • awesome app NICK! and thanks for the posterous tip.. that is so cool! im gonna buy your app right now 😉 peace.

  • This is awesome. How can you get so much better quality with the same camera? Brilliant!

    Any chance for a photoshop action that has similar results on pictures??


  • Thanks so much for this app. I produce a lot of commercial photo shoots and I have gotten a few very famous commercial photographers addicted to this app, including Albert Watson. Do you have a filter in Photoshop that does the same? Most of my images on my photo blog are taken with this and it’d be so much faster if I filtered this in Photoshop.

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