5 Things We Wish We Knew Way Earlier – Tips for Creatives and Creators

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A few quick tips from a presentation that my friend made at the Illinois Institute Of Art. Great ideas. Learn them now before it’s too late!!

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  • Thanks for posting the tips, Nick. I think sharing knowledge and advice is so key. It’s not about giving away secrets, it’s about bettering our field and industry as a whole.

    (Case in Point: Your video tutorials. Rockin’.)

  • Excellent tips. And totally true. I am living the connections tip, but at the wrong side. I have some interesting portfolio, reel, and 2 partners, but we lack the necessary contacts in the field to make it through, though we are still trying.

  • Some nice kernels of wisdom. However, you can “Embrace revisions”, except when the agency waits a week before giving them to you (though the deadline hasnt moved), and they contradict the last round of revisions they gave you. Clients hire artists (hopefully) for their expertise in their field, and although they are paying the bills, there needs to be a level of trust that the vendor knows what he or she is doing. Id like to know the real scoop on how motion designers REALLY feel and respond when dealing with demanding clients.

    OK I had a bad day ; )

  • Good post, Mig has a GREAT presentation.

  • Excellent advice!
    I just graduated SVA and I would say during all my four years,there was very little of the first step going on.When I was working on my senior project however, a film student wanted to shoot my live action for me when he happened to overhear my idea. He said
    “you should focus more on your animation and let me take care of shooting what you want”
    He wanted to read the screenplay but at the time it wasn’t much more then an idea and a few drawings.
    Now I know I don’t have to be excellent at everything just cause it’s an element my piece.There are people out there who do what they do, and do it great and they’re eager to work together.It’s exciting to say the least!

  • erick: I always wanted to do it all myself for so long. It’s really hard to let go of some stuff. But, your so right, once you realize that others are even better at it, it’s a big help.

  • great stuff here, i am always taking a seat back and really listening to critiques and comments from co-workers. if they see something else in my design that i didn’t intend, then i probably have to go back and rethink my design or concept. one thing i am definitely working on though, is verbal communication. it really pays to share your ideas with whomever you’re working with, because they might bounce back with an even better idea which may lead you to an even better idea! don’t be afraid, let it out!

  • the problem is that sometime they don’t wanna collaborate the others illustrators , designer , photographer, etc…..

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