Camera Bag Full of Gear – All of my Best Nikon Cameras and Lenses

May 21, 2009 - By 

We have all seen it, but now it’s my turn. Watch me do that thing where people pull all of their gear out of their camera bag. People always ask what gear I use. Here is a easy way to show you not only all my lenses and accessories, but also talk about some quick tips and how I use each piece of gear.

My Gear
Nikon D700: My photos taken with the D700.
Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8f Review
Nikkor 85mm D 1.4: Review
Nikkor 50mm 1.4f Review
Nikkor 20mm f2.8
Nikkor 300mm 4.5
Nikkor 55mm Macro
Ray Ring Flash: Review
Nikon SB-600 Flash
Nikon MB-D10 Multi Power Battery Pack
Lacie Rugged Hard Drive
Lowepro Flipside 400 AW
Nikon MC-36 Multi-Function Remote Cord
Gorilla Pod
Flip Mino HD

In the Buying Mood?
Like something you see? Check out more of my gear and recommend products and gear over at my Gorilla Goods – Amazon Store. Yeah, I get a small cut of anything you purchase, but if you’re gonna buy it anyway, help me support my growing bandwidth bills will ya?

  • Some great gear there Nick, I’m drooling. Do you also carry a larger tripod/monopod? How about a point and shoot for getting those quick snaps?

  • Oh, boy. Let’s all twirl our wangs around playing show and tell. How…..childish.

  • I didn´t pay attention to the camera gear. At all. I was distracted by the ice cold glass of Coke. At least i thought it was coke. Damn you – i wanted that coke for the whole 15 minutes! And then it was coffee! I go and get an icecold coke-coffee now!

  • Nice gear, i’m thinking of getting a ray ring flash— seeing some awesome results with it lately.

    @ Tobias .. i was thinking the same thing!

  • Must. Have. Coffee. Also thinking “use a friggin’ coaster, what am I, your mom? Thats’ a nice table!” So want a Nikon setup now.

    @Andrew gets a sad face 🙁 for being such a douche. Cheer up ya drip! And how do you know wangs were twirled if you didn’t watch to the end. Hah! Gotcha.

  • Could you say again what was the website you recommanded inside this video ?

  • hey nick, this is little bit off-topic… but as an answer for a lot of questions about how and where to learn design – there is a nice guide:

  • Thanks. Great stuff Vit. Maybe I should start a FAQ? hehe.

  • Mino as in the really small fish. I’m working on getting a sponsorship from them for this event I work for, and when I was explaining what it was, I started doing the mino mineo mix up. My boss looked at me like I was insane.

    Anyway, cool stuff. And thanks for the info! I’ve really wanted to learn more about lighting.

  • very interesting. Thanks.
    Can you tell us what tripod do you use for your Nikon ? I’m looking for something light and transportable for the same camera and don’t know what to buy.

  • Hey great post. i want all that equipment!

    do you think you could post a video on how you clean and maintain your lenes and most importantly the camera body? I just bought my first dslr a few months ago and am not sure as to what the best way to clean it is.

    keep up the awesome stuff nick, im lovin it all!

  • Only problem with shooting with 8 gig cards is that if something happens to the card your sh*t out of luck and lose all those pics of your shot. That’s why i normally stay with a 4 & 2 gig cards, yeah it’ can kill the flow of a shoot to swap them out but it if something happens to one card while shooting hopefully you will still have a good shot on another card. You know that saying don’t keep all your eggs in one basket well that applies to flash cards on a photo shot.

  • Hey nick love your stuff. I was wondering if you could just do a quick explanation on camera sensors. what you meant when you said you can now shoot full frame now that you have the d700.I live in Jamaica and your blog has serve has a avenue of education for me.seeing that I can’t afford to go to a real school to learn these stuff. Thank you and blessed love mi brotha

  • Do you ever shoot with real film?…and if so what body and what type of film do you use?…I just recently got my hands on a Leica R4 and want to screw around with it…its been awhile since i used film…any recommendation on film choices?

  • You got the Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8f, lucky you !! 😉

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