Five Second Favorites – The Winners

May 27, 2009 - By 

We have come to a decision. Graymachine and GreyscaleGorilla went days deciding the winner of the “Type Only” Five Second Project. We had lists of criteria and pages of notes. There were so many great entries, but in the end we just picked one that we both thought was SUPER DOPE. The winner of the contest and the entire series of Graymachine training is this classy gem from zka11 called 5 letters for 5 seconds. Great stuff!

Grand Prize Winner…

The raffle winner is Kevin Snyder. He wins the Digieffects Megasuite just for entering. Check out his animation too.

Chosen By Random Winner…

Thanks to everyone for entering. And, Thanks to graymachine for sponsoring! Stay tuned for more contests and more Five Second Projects.

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  • Congratulations to the winners!

  • congrats winners, and great job everyone. fun project to participate in.

  • Yeah, great fun.

    Alot of nice submissions.

    Congrats to the winners

  • Two works with no sound.
    I agree with the first one, not so much with the second.
    In my opinion there were entries a lot better, but the rules of the game were explicit so congratulations to the winners !
    Looking forward for new challenges.

  • brilliant stuff, great choice for the winning entry..

  • Karpathia: Keep in mind that while it’s a good video in it’s own right, the second winner was picked randomly and not based on merit. There was a TON of great work to choose from too.

  • Thanks for having this contest. What an awesome forum to show some quick work. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  • Nicely done guys! Looking forward to the next one.

  • Very nice stuff!

    good job !

  • Great selection! Love all his other posted 5 seconds and personal work as well. Awesome style.

  • You are absolutely right!
    I hope I will not become some kind of black sheep in the same way I hope this blog/forum doesn’t transform itself in another of those where everyone likes everything and nobody ever has anything less unpleasant to say about nothing.
    I love polite honesty and I love this Blog.

  • correction: “less pleasant “

  • Totally agree Karpathia… There are plenty of sites where everyone can say “Nice Job.” I definitely want this to be a place to get constructive criticism and GET BETTER. I think I have an idea for the next five second project that will help get some more constructive feedback. EVERYTHING can be better you know?

  • Well deserved wins. Impressive work – absolutely love the color pallet used in the grand prize winning animation.

    Nick, great blog, great work, great contests, keep up the great work. I hope to attend the next MG Fest. When is it tentatively scheduled?

  • Great works. I really liked the grand prize winner. Super clean.

  • Congrates to the Winner!! Hurray
    When wil you have another ‘Five second project’ What will be the topic?

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