Five Second Project – “Type Only” – Now With Prizes from Graymachine

May 15, 2009 - By 

UPDATE: The contest is closed and the winners are announced. Thanks for some really great work everybody. Our biggest turn out yet!


Oh boy, it’s the moment we have been waiting for. This week’s Five Second Project is sponsored by Graymachine. You know what that means? PRIZES! Harry has graciously offered up prizes to get you in the motion making mood. Submit your entry and Harry and I will pick a winner whose project epitomizes the theme and shows and abundance of “overall-awesomeness.” THAT winner will win our grand prize, the entire Graymachine training series, including Trapcode Form Design Techniques, Trapcode Form Training, After Effects Expressions AND, Complete Training for Trapcode Particular!

But wait… there’s more.
Thats right TWO TWO TWO chances to win. Submit your Five Second Project, prize. We will pick a random Five Second Project entry to win the Digieffects Megasuite! This includes: Aurorix, Berserk, Delirium, Damage, Depth Cue, and Simulate Iluma & Simulate Camera.

Submitters: don’t forget to add a link to this post on your Vimeo video, so everyone can play along. Please add this link to your video to keep everyone up to date with the rules and deadlines:

What Are Five Second Projects?
We all want to make cool shit for our reel, right? Sometimes you just need a theme to get you started. Use the theme “Type Only” to make a five second motion piece and link it in the comments of this blog post. “Shout Box” submissions will not be found and will not be added to the channel. Please be sure to post a link in this post’s comments to ensure me seeing it.

It’s really great to see so much participation. Tell a friend about the five second projects and get them involved too. Don’t forget to push yourself to try something new every week. What about a new piece of software or technique you have wanted to try?

Bottom line… MAKE COOL SHIT!

Need some more help getting started? Check out my After Effects and Cinema 4D tutorials. Also check out our sponsor’s tutorials at

Submit Your Entry Now…

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  • Just to make sure here it is again, after making it not private…

  • How do you embed the videos on this page from Vimeo in the slideshow format? I can’t find that option in Vimeo+

  • Charley: I use the Vimeo Widgets to embed the slideshows.

  • I know this is late, but I just wanna show my 1st 5sec. project up…maybe next time for the prizes.

  • when’s the results gonna be out?

  • I’m way late on this project but I want to link it here anyways. I’m a print designer just learning AfterEffects now. Been playing and learning through these tutorials. Thanks Greyscalegorilla.

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