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If you have a resume… you’re a dickhead.

I mean, who has a resume now?

You don’t think they google your name?

– Gary Vaynerchuk

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  • Someone asked me for a resume once….it made me reconsider whether or not I wanted to work for them.

  • If I’m hiring the last thing I want to do is spend time finding out all about you.

    Gary may be successful in the US and he’s certainly done a good job in promoting himself and his business and I wish him all the best but everyone I speak to over here in Europe hates him. I’d be interested to see if he gets any orders for his wine from outside the US.

  • What is this quote trying to say exactly? I don’t see how google can magically figure out who are your best references, or breakdown past work in a neat and concise manor.Some employers still prefer to asses a new employee this way. Maybe he means a paper resume rather than an online resume. But if this dude is saying having a resume at all makes you a dickhead then I think this guy is an idiot. II think about 95% of the workforce still expects an individual to have a resume and may even consider thinking you’re a dickhead if you don’t. Don’t even know who this dude is and refuse to google his name to find out haha.

  • Yeah… Every agency I’ve worked for or with ALL wanted resume’s along with my folio initially. He must mean paper form.

  • It’s pretty clear to me that Gary is not addressing corporate hopefuls. If you are looking to climb a corporate ladder to attain the glass ceiling, Gary is not your man. If you are an entrepreneur and you can get past his language, then he has much to offer.

  • I don’t think I could stand 10 minutes with this guy…

  • Thats the thing about Gary, he is polarizing as hell. No matter if you hate him or you love him, you do it with great vigor.

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