GSG Cast: Blog Update and “TWOday List” Productivity Tip

May 4, 2009 - By 

Just a quick update about what’s going on in GSG Land. I have been a bit busy lately at Digital Kitchen working on a really HUGE job. I’m really excited to tell you guys about it when it wraps. My dad had a great productivity tip he calls a “TWOday List.” Write down two things you HAVE to get done today and only worry about that. I’m going to give it a try and see how it works. There are a few more comments in the cast, so make sure to watch.

  • nice to see you again!

  • Take the Mino and shoot us back some footage of the trip. I would love to see what you’re doing.

  • Hey Nick, this “TWOday List” thing is really interesting, I thing I should try it (I already have “the long list” in my head, but never get enough time to done something..)
    Last week I send an email about digital tablet, please respond something, thx

  • Hey Nick! Take your time at the project and make something amazing! Tuts can wait a bit (can’t wait to see new CSTools tut thou…).

    But thanks for TWOday list tip. Will try it and let you know how its working out!

  • hey you´re back that´s great! by the way, I miss the good old days of photoshop tutorials : ] but that´s ok take your time with your project

  • Nick, good productivity advice – thanks to your dad. 🙂 I’ve recently started using a stack of old business cards (yay recycling!) for my daily To Do lists. It forces you to keep it to a short list. Of course, there are days when I’ve pulled out 3 or 4 cards… the TwoDay idea tells me to keep it on one card. 🙂

  • Thanks Xavier! More Photoshop Tuts to come. I promise.

  • Good idea Nick! I gotta try that. I have a TON of old cards.

  • Hey Nick ! Thanks your dad for me, his twoday rule is already changing our life lol 🙂
    Keep on the great work !
    Best regards

  • Andrew Kazinec May 8, 2009 at 3:08 pm

    Thanks for the tip. Long lists can be overwhelming and in-turn mentally deadly

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