GSG Cast – Flip HD Mino Wide Angle Adapter and LA Update

May 13, 2009 - By 

I found this cool little wide angle lens for the Flip HD Mino. It has a magnetic ring that attaches around the Flip’s lens to make attaching and removing a simple process. It’s a little blurry in the corners, but I really like the wider view. Check out the video to see the lens in action.

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  • That is pretty awesome. I know that I love the Flip Mino HD and have already submitted a few improvement ideas to the company that makes the camera. As a matter of fact, I’m starting two web only series for and I will be using the Mino as my primary shooting tool. It is amazing for the web too.

    Thanks Nick and be safe.

  • Nice,
    i’ve never heard of Mino. Nice tool for quick videos and some personal stuff. Will check it out! Thanks NIck!

  • where’d you get your kenko wide angle lens for the flip mino hd?

    thanks nick!


  • yes, I would also love to see where you got the lens, I’m looking to purchase this camera. Right now they have it at Costco for $200 with a Flip Tripod, and you get the awesome Costco 90 day return policy should you not like the camera for whatever reason.

  • I got the wide angle adaptor at Central Camera in Chicago for Fifty Bucks.

  • Thx nick. Got the Flip last week and thought the lens was the weakest point. this should fix the problem. I’ll look for it online and post if I find a better deal than 50-70$.

  • But are you using this camera professionally? Is it passable for pro work?

  • the camera is far from professional. its only like 200bucks.

    additionally maybe Nick you can link the exact model you have on the lens so other including myself can pick one up.


  • there was some test footage on vimeo of someone who used it to shoot green screen.

  • That little camera looks awesome, I want one! Could you tell what is the exact lens you bought?


  • Dude, I really dig your tuts and you convey the info really well.. you should hit up and see if somehow you can do their Cinema 4D lessons instead of the guy they have now. The guy is horrible. Think about it.

  • Thank you very much !! now i want one !! :-)))
    Can you give us some link for buy this lens !!
    and of course thx for your blog. You don’t search a assistant for your production ?? :-)))

  • Can you use it as a webcam on Mac?

  • Mike: You can’t use the flip as a webcam. 🙁

  • Steve: Thanks for the great comments. I am thinking about making my OWN DVD training set soon. You think people would be interested in that instead of going to lynda??

  • I don’t care what anyone says. This camera rocks for the price and I have used it to shoot two television promotions for broadcast. I’ve even had people tell me that they thought I used my much more expensive Panasonic 24p camera, but it was all done with this $200 Flip camera. I expect to see the guys who created this thing take it to the next level on the next model. Remember, it’s not just the guitar… it’s the player!

  • Hey Nick,

    do you use the footage from the flip in any NLE’s as is or do you need to convert first? (i use premiere on mac, sometimes fcp) I have read mixed reports various places on the web.. Just looking to find out before i buy.

    Love the blog btw. You’re an inspiration.

  • Hey Nick, could you tell me what diameter are those magnetic rings on your camera?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Hey Nick,
    Hope the shoot went well and I’m excited to see what you have been working on.
    Could the Flip HD Mino work as a web cam as well? essentially like the iSight?
    oh and you should do your own DVD tuts.

    Thanks for all your time and thoughts!

  • Nice I was google in for this camera video quality and I found some really good results I think is a great video camera to carry with you on the go. Some I’m definitely getting one really soon!

    And in answer to Chris if you read on earlier post that question has been already answer, it cant be use as a webcam.

    btw Nick thanks for such an awesome blog!!!

  • You didn’t go much into detail about what type of Kenko lens it is. Is it the Kenko 0.45x with magnetic mount? I can’t seem to find the right product.

  • I’m with Navimaster, which Kenko lens did you get?

    • The official model number of the lens is Kenko KMW-045. I can’t find it at a reputable store online. There must be another brand. Anybody seen these magnetic lenses anywhere?

  • GSG,

    Do you have to glue the lens mount to the flip like you would have to if using the sunpak threaded lens?

    I cant decide which lens to use and if the magnetic one is strong enough if on a bike or something of that nature.

  • I like the idea of the wide angle lens. The range of the lens that comes with the Mino is horribly limited. I was trying to get footage of my son jumping on bubble wrap and I couldn’t get him and the wrap in with the room space I was in.

    My concern is that when the Kenco was put on the video seemed a tiny bit cloudy. Have you noticed this yourself?

  • I’ve found it here, for 25 bucks:
    never bought in this store, thou.
    can you check if it’s the same lens that you’re using, please?
    also, does it cover the microphone? the ring seems big for the flip…

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