New Site For Motion Designers And Photographers to Show Off Their Work

June 30, 2009 - By 


Check out my friend’s new site Creative League. It’s a place to post your best photography, motion design and reels to get noticed and to get work. The site was started to help connect students and freelancers to potential clients and jobs. Upload your best photos or videos and get noticed.

He is also looking for some feedback on the site. Do you have any ideas that would make it easier for potential clients to find you? Drop some feedback in the comments.

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  • Lee Christopher June 30, 2009 at 2:49 pm

    The site looks great! One minor typo. It should either say “upcoming students” or “up and coming students.” I don’t think “upcomming” is a word. But still, I’m excited to see some great stuff featured on Creative League.

  • Awesome site! Love the layout and colors! Sexy!

  • I think that links to email addresses should have some kind of spam encryption so I don’t get sent adverts for viagra from a robot trawling the site.

    Or there should be an option to not share your email address.

  • Hey Andy, thanks for the feedback! – we are currently utilizing email encryption for CL sites — so our members email addresses aren’t at risk of spam robots. If you look at our source code you should see that our “mailto” links look like a a bunch or random characters and symbols

    Please let me know ( if that doesn’t address your concern – thanks! =)

  • I was looking through some of the work and I am so jealous of the skill levels of some of the members.

    Great site

  • Site kept dropping for me and hanging on certain videos – for example the digital kitchen one.. There are some good reels and another job board is always welcome. I wonder how many people would trawl through the list, checking reels for the hope of finding the perfect fit freelancer.. Ad agencies maybe.. Maybe its just the list set up, but this and the clips not playing didn’t really capture my attention.

    • On a similar note as Jonathan, I had a few ideas that might help clients find the right freelancer.
      Names could be listed with more info; skill level (in years, perhaps), degrees, or recent work highlights. Searchable categories would be great to see with area of specialty like 3D, illustration, VFX, animation, etc. Also, you could feature recent works from members to better highlight the talent.

    • These are great points – for now we depend on the “search” field to help people identify specific skills like 3D and compositing. When you fill out your profile, if you include your specific skills, then you will show up when someone searches for those skills. This is also true for your location and your “available for hire” status (freelance, full time, etc)

      Thanks a lot for your suggestions – we will keep this in mind as we continue to evolve the site to meet the needs of the members

      • ps. Chris – Also, when adding a new movie, you can use the “keywords” field to include the specific skills/techniques used in that project. This way, when visitors search the “members” OR “movies” tabs, they will see only the members or movies that referenced those skills.

        • I see that now, and it does work well. It still seems like more info about each movie or member should be displayed when a client searches. For movie, the project type (30sec spot, reel, etc?) The balance between recommendations and rating mentioned below could be useful when searching members.

          Overall, I always welcome new ways to find work, cheers.

  • I’ll start this by saying I LOVE the idea and I’m so happy that somebody actually developed this!

    I did find a bug. Whenever I went to edit my videos, it cleared out the URL and thumbnail fields.

    It would be great if the titles to the different movies could display to the left of the designer. It’s kind of weird seeing “By scaryBasement” over and over on the left hand side of the screen.

    Also, I’m not sure if I’m a fan of having a ratings and favorites system for a website that is meant to display content to potential employers. That’s more of a Vimeo / YouTube thing to me.

    But all in all, it looks good.

    • I do agree, the ratings need to go. You should replace a contact button or something similar in place of the rating system. It really does cheapen and otherwise outstanding site.

      • I do agree, the ratings need to go. You should replace the ratings system with a contact link or something similar. It really does cheapen an otherwise outstanding site.
        *I am embarrassed

    • Thanks for the comment, and finding that URL field bug – we’re on it!

      Re: having the titles display, we agree, we’d like to improve that aspect in the future.

      Re: ratings – the intention with the ratings is 2-fold. 1. Encourage people to share their best work, rather than all of their work. and, 2, to make it easier for visitors to see just the “best of the best,” if they are looking for a more experience/senior level hire. This is our chosen alternative to letting the member declare their “skill level,” because we think that the ratings may perhaps be a more direct representation of overall work quality. (perhaps a younger designer could have stronger skills than a designer with more years under their belt, etc)

      But we certainly understand your concern.. The rating system is likely to be appreciated more by the client visitors than the creative members.. If you have specific suggestions as to a better alternative, we would love to hear them! Please email us

      • “It’s a place to post your best photography, motion design and reels to get noticed and to get work. The site was started to help connect students and freelancers to potential clients and jobs. Upload your best photos or videos and get noticed.”

        – Perhaps there could be a category for freelancers and one for studios (if the intention is to have both using the resource?)- otherwise for the most part the studios are going to have the best reels.. and you will end up with studios heading the list. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing just something to consider.

        • Thanks Jonathan – If you look right under the “members” tab in the search, you can choose in the dropdown menu to search “individuals only” or “companies only”..

          if you select one of those and hit search, it will display only one or the other..

          Is that helpful?

      • I understand the ratings things, but I think there’s an inherent conflict of interest between designers when they’re allowed to rate each other’s work on a site whose purpose is to display that work to potential clients. It’s kind of like going to a job fair and asking all the attendants to grade each other’s resume. And I’m not saying this out of insecurity about my own reel. I’m just worried that it puts across the wrong idea about people’s work. I agree there should be a system for making it easier for clients to find “the creme de la creme,” but I’m not sure that’s it.

        Maybe better would be some kind of algorithm that takes into account recommendations and past work. For example, how much and what type of work you’ve done as well as what your past employers have said about you. I can’t imagine how this would work out, so I understand the dilemma.

      • Generally I agree with you about how the ratings on the site do seem to correspond to quality of work. However what this fails to address is efficiency – how well you deal with clients and how fast you are able to work. This is why I think a system of recommendations, perhaps in conjunction with the ratings system, would be a good idea.

        • Certainly… I agree. One’s efficiency and client relations is a very important aspect of a good designer.. I’m not sure how we would make that a part of CL. That seems like the kind of info you’d find on Maybe we should put a place in the members’ “profile” section for a LinkedIn link. It seems like most people have LinkedIn these days, and that site is very good for showing those qualities that aren’t evident in a movie… hmm

        • I think that’s a great idea.

  • Agree 100% about the ratings -sB

  • I liked the website, put my reel up. All seems good.

  • Looks great! I’ll post some of my works there.

  • It’s great Nick !! thanks to share it !

  • Great site, I actually like the rating system but would love to see even more stat info. Figure out how many people watched a video or how many website clickthrus I have or who is doing the clicking, etc. Also a feedback/commenting system (even if private) would be nice. The more info that helps me gauge where my work is at and interact with clients and designers the better!

    • The idea of a private comments function sounds interesting for sure- We decided to keep comments out of the site at it’s conception – keeping it functioning more simply as ONLY a talent directory rather than a “community/discussion” kind of site.. Ultimately, we wanted to make it a place that caters to people looking to hire, and those people may not appreciate the discussion aspect. Very interesting idea though –

      re: the other stats, that could be really nice as well, we may be able to integrate that kind of thing down the road.

      thanks for the great feedback!

  • Cool site. Props for doing something to help creative people get noticed and get work.

    Frankly, though, ratings are a bad idea. I read the rationale in the comments above, but it sounds like you’re trying to justify their inclusion, rather than explaining why there’s a *need* for them. Work speaks for itself. A star rating on a demo reel on a web site is pretty meaningless to any potential employer. There’s much more that goes into a hiring decision.

    Other problems with this: ratings are subjective; there’s a de facto conflict of interest amongst site members; ratings do not seem to be weighted in accordance to number of votes (?); ratings systems encourage popularity contests and cliques; etc.

    When there are so many cons and so few pros, it’s time to rethink your decision.

    Anyway, again, it’s good of you guys to put this out there and try to do something different. You’re on the right track, but I suggest you shoot for professionalism, a la Krop, rather than the YouTube-esque star rating standard.

  • Thanks Leah – your feedback is much appreciated. It sounds like we do need to take a look at our ratings system, and find a happy medium…

    ..It if fairly common for sites that offer a wide selection of goods/services, to have some kind of system to inform the shopper as to what their most popular/highest rated options are. Think of, or even the iPhone app store. Without being able to sort for “highest rated” mechanic or “most downloaded” game, it would be more difficult to use these tools. In a way our site is similar – but rather than mechanics, we’re helping visitors find creatives. While the star rating may not be the perfect solution, we think that it is necessary to have something like it to help visitors.

    As far as your suggestion that star ratings being meaningless to potential employers, I would again reference sites like, where millions of people are hired – usually based on their positive ratings.

    Also, as a potential employer myself (at DK), I frequently hire freelance creatives and use the star ratings to aid in my search.

    ..Of course, there are many other ways to narrow the results on CL, using the search: searching by location, availability, skill set keywords, etc. But those are all user defined attributes. Like with, we think that the quality rating should be determined by others, or else it would be irrelevant. A popularity contest? Perhaps it is to a certain extent – We like to assume that our members are honest people who won’t spend their time “sabotaging” others due to a competitive conflict of interests. Also, you’re correct, the ratings don’t reflect the # of votes, they just reflect the average vote. It’s like a GPA in school.

    Thanks again for your feedback – it is valued and being seriously considered

    We’ll be looking into a way to improve our system thanks to yours and these other comments. If you have specific suggestions, we’d love to hear them via email team(at)

    • Good to hear such insight. I agree that the ratings system seems to be a necessity as there should definitely be some way for clients to catalog skill level. And looking at the way the ratings appear on your site, they do appear semi-accurate.

      However I think the comparison to Yelp and the App Store isn’t entirely apt, as the people who are rating those businesses/apps are past clients/end-users. Ratings on your site come from, it seems, the freelancers themselves as well as clients (anybody who has an account.)

      However, as I’ve said – the ratings on your site do seem to correspond to quality, so maybe this is all moot and your system works anyway. I certainly wouldn’t think that any honest freelancer would “sabotage” the rating of somebody else, but I do get a little concerned.

      Once again I’d like to thank you for coming up with this site. It’s really a great resource and I certainly hope that it becomes very successful, both for my sake and yours. Good job!

  • Really really excellent idea. It’s about time somebody really made a portal for a community like this. I was eagerly awaiting for the release, and it looks great!


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