Five Best Cinema 4D Training Sites

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I have been taking courses at FXPHD for over a year now, and I must say that they are by far, the best and most comprehensive way to learn Cinema 4D! Tim Clapham shows you how he makes everything look so great in a straightforward, step by step way. Yeah, FXPHD is one of the more pricy options, but It’s way worth it. Sign up for one semester and you will be hooked. Their AE training is great too.


Speaking of Tim, his site HelloLuxx has been pivitol in my understanding of Cinema 4D over the years. His site is one of the only “Designer Based” Cinema 4D sites out there. If you need Cinema 4D training for broadcast graphics work, this is your place. No spinning 3D monsters here.
Visit Hello Luxx


Have a specific problem or question about Cinema 4D? Head over to Mograph.Net to ask a question and search their forum. The “Mograph Central” section has become a Cinema 4D Q&A orgy lately. Everyone is really helpful.
Some of them can be a bit snarky, but its all part of the fun. Chris Smith from CSTools fame frequents and is super great about helping people problem solve. He may just write a tool for your problem.

4. BASE80

While not really project based, the tutorials and tips at Base80 really start to teach you the more advanced features of Cinema 4D. These little tutorials are really helpful when you are trying to widen your 3D horizons and try out new features that you didn’t even know Cinema 4D had.
Visit BASE80


Sure it’s a shameless plug, but we have been growing with over Three Hundred Cinema 4D tutorials over the last seven years. Check out my collection of growing tutorials about motion graphics and lighting or or watch some of my large tutorials where I show how to go from Cinema 4D to After Effects.
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I want to hear from you. Did I miss any sites that you use to learn Cinema 4D? Is there a training series that you really loved? Tell me about it in the comments.

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