Five Second Project Deadline Extended and Roller Coaster Surprises

June 5, 2009 - By 

The “Something Good, Something Bad” Five second projects deadline has been moved until Friday June 12th. We have had some great entries so far. Don’t forget to give a critique to the entries. This theme is all about constructive criticism. I will be out of town this weekend with limited internet. I will make sure to get everyone’s video in the channel. It just might be sunday night before I am around a computer.

OK, now for the really fun part. The reason that I’ll be out of town is… I’m going on a secret roller coaster trip to Cedar Point for their yearly Coater Mania and I’m taking my buddy Benny who just got married. Should be a blast! They keep the park open just for roller coaster nerds like us to let us ride the coasters with practically no line! If you want to follow my trip, follow my ShakeItPhoto Blog where I will be posting shots from all over the park and shots of benny’s face when I surprise him with the trip. Also, follow @shakeitphoto to see all the shots streamed right in to your twitter feed. If there is one thing that gets me pumped about the summer, it’s roller coasters!

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  • cedar point rules! you will love it

  • what is Nick Campbells E-mail? i cannot find it

  • Rad! I actually did some motion work for Cedar Point back in the day.

    The MAGNUM is the most amazing roller coaster ever!!!

  • Timo: it’s in the About section.

  • Pete: thanks:)

  • I just went to Holiday World in southern Indiana. They have some amazing wooden coasters!

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