How I Became a Photographer. My Interview With Michael from PetaPixel

June 18, 2009 - By 

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In this interview. Michael Zhang from asks me about my journey into photography and how I got started with my first photoblog.

Other questions include…

  • Could you tell me a little about yourself and your background in photography?
  • When did you first become interested in visual arts?
  • Why did you pick the name greyscalegorilla?
  • In what ways has your photoblog changed your life?
  • What was your first camera?
  • What equipment do you use?
  • Why Nikon instead of Canon?
  • If you had to pick only one body and one lens, what combination would you choose and why?
  • Can you describe your workflow? (from camera to web)
  • What is one thing you’ve learned that has had the biggest positive impact on your photography?
  • What would you most like the opportunity to photograph?
  • What is the question you’re asked most regarding photography?
  • Who are your favorite photographers?
  • If you could choose one photographer to be interviewed by PetaPixel, who would it be and why?

Want to read instead? Here is the full transcribed interview over at PetaPixel.

  • great interview nick. I think I’m in that post a day, obsession phase right now. My stream is here…

  • Hrm, I think I’d like to throw a few questions at you at some point for one of these…

    Thanks for the post!

  • Really enjoyed the interview. I liked your comment, “It’s not the camera, it’s how you use it”. I agree 100%. I’m no great photographer, but I know a lot of people who go out there, buy the most expensive SLR they can find, and take tons of terrible photos. Most of the time the just leave everything on auto and don’t even investigate all of the features… Shame.

    Slowly getting into photography myself, and your ShakeItPhoto app combined with posterous has really kickstarted the process. Now I don’t have to wait until I can afford a SLR. Although I can’t wait to get one!!!

    Thanks again!

  • Hi nick love the stuff you doing man.I love this interview u did because it answered some question I always wonder do I have to be able to draw to be into graphic designing.anyway i”m am contemplating getting my first DSLR cam and I would like you to talk about the technical aspects of them eg.fullframe,shutter speed,ISO.I have been shoot video for awhile now and I really do believe shoot stills will help me become a good DP.There is only two DP in my country (Jamaica) and I want to be number the way what are your thoughts on the soon tp be release Red scarlet.(

  • Hey Nick,

    Recent follower, first time poster. I’m a big fan of your stuff. Love your photographs, I’m a bit of a photographer myself. I’m not into motion so much, though I’ve done some. I was trained as a graphic designer. But I think your concepts and motivational techniques are fantastic and overarching between all artistic endeavors. I really appreciate your desire and willingness to share your skills and thoughts with the community. Keep up the good work.


    p.s. I linked this video to a friend of mine who just got a D60, think it might do him some good.

  • love what you are doing….I am makin a livin out of film, design and photography and I love your blog….btw…I got hooked on shake it photo through your site…I have started a weekly blog on my facebook site called my pola days…u re welcome to check it out…but since I installed myself the apple iphone update 3.0 a couple of days ago I have lost my safe area on shake it photo and it makes it really difficult to get the composition right…did you by any chance installed the new iphone update also_

  • I’ve sat through the two interviews that you’ve done and I must say that I find them really insightful and interesting.
    I’ve gotten more into photography recently and look forward to any video tutorial that goes into the whole workflow of the photographers that I admire and look up to and also any tips or tricks that they talk about because that’s a really great way to learn.
    I need to start working more on getting more photos taken weekly since my current process is mostly based around the whole take only at events and at certain days than taking at least a photo a day and my site is an example to that because you’d see a post today and maybe the next one is a couple of days or even weeks later.
    I’m trying to get a photography business going on here but something on the side and not what I live off of though if it really were to get in enough and steady flow of income then I guess I’d start to dedicate myself to that 😛
    Nick, keep up the work on the photoshop and photo workflow tutorials as they are the best I’ve seen.

  • well , you are the one who get me into photography
    i have canon rebel 450D .. 🙂

  • I don’t get it, what do you mean by the 3rd paragraph?

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